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Wendy's New Breakfast Item Is Skyrocketing In Popularity and Driving the Chain's Morning Sales

The burger slinger may have the hottest breakfast in town.

If you've watched any television in the past few months you've seen the commercials for Wendy's newest breakfast item. The schtick for the commercials is that the dippable treat is better than the traditional ones that mom makes, with a grown man expressing how good they are as his mom raises her eyebrows in shock. Turns out, the schtick—or the actual flavor of the product—is working and the product seems to be boosting the chain's morning sales significantly.

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The Homestyle French Toast Sticks, which dropped in mid-August, are the first new item introduced to the breakfast menu since its debut in March of this year—and they quickly became the top-seller. In a recent company report, Wendy's credited the item with driving a "meaningful acceleration" in breakfast sales.

Execs said that the sweet breakfast treat is helping the stores reach weekly sales that are close to the company's goal of $3,000 in the mornings. Wendy's hopes to capitalize on the customers coming in for the new treat, by enticing them with a new morning deal and offering one of the popular croissant sandwiches for just $3.

Speaking of deals, Wendy's execs also credit digital sales with helping the chain increase sales across its restaurants, even though profit margins decreased due to commodity costs, declining customers, and higher labor costs. It has added a bunch of new deals across its app and in stores in November to entice current customers to buy more since it also credits larger orders for buoying revenue.

Plus, it's no surprise that its uber-popular French Toast Sticks are part of a National French Toast Day deal—which is Nov. 28—with Wendy's offering a free 4-piece order of  Homestyle French Toast Sticks with any purchase from Nov. 4 through Dec. 4. The chain is also hoping to entice new customers with its holiday-centric Peppermint Frosty, two new Italian-Inspired Sandwiches, and garlic-flavored french fries, which are rumored to be arriving around Nov. 15 and have fans salivating for more information.

Meaghan Cameron
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