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Whole Foods Just Launched This Brand New Grocery Store

The difference? It's 100% contactless.

Whole Foods just launched an all-new type of grocery store and no, it doesn't have its trademark hot food, salad, or coffee bars inside. That's because this new store model only fulfills online grocery orders.

The new (permanent) online grocery store just opened in Brooklyn, New York and while it seems like the chain introduced this type of store in light of coronavirus, the idea had been in the works months before the pandemic even began.

"We started working on this over a year ago and it was really an opportunity for Amazon and Whole Foods Market to come together and create this vision for the future of grocery online," Nicole Wescoe, Whole Foods president for the Northeast region said in an interview with USA Today

Amazon has already been changing the way traditional grocery stores look and operate over the past two years with the introduction of its cashier-less grocery stores. Most recently, Amazon introduced shopping carts that remove the checking out process altogether by directly charging your card based on what you put in the company's special Dash carts. However, this new Whole Foods store won't even let consumers come pick up their online orders. Instead, this store is just meant for employees to put online orders together and then pass it off to delivery drivers and bike riders.

"When you enter into this facility, you're going to see long aisles of shelving where we have cases of products that are ready to fill this online demand," Wescoe said to USA Today. "You're going to make your way into our refrigerated cooler, where you're going to see beautiful produce set up … ready to pick for the online orders."

That's about as contactless as you can get when it comes to getting groceries. Perhaps more locations will open up in the upcoming months (and years) as people become more accustomed to grocery delivery. For more, check out 27 Amazing Things Grocery Stores Had in the 1990s.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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