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8 Reasons Why Deep Dish is Better Than Regular Crust

You're eating the wrong kind of pizza.

In the land of the free and home of the brave, I dare you to find something more beloved than pizza.

We have pizza keychains, wear shirts decorated with the words "Carb Cutter" paired with a photo of a pizza cutter, and even dress up like the slice-stealing pizza rat for Halloween. We love, cherish, and eat so much pizza, in fact, that the USDA even considers pizza to be a vegetable. (Well, that is, only if it has at least two tablespoons of tomato paste.)

But, when you look past the obsession, there are some unsatisfying qualities of the cheesy, carb-filled food: It's not very filling, the crust is often as neglected as that treadmill sitting in your basement, and there's never enough room for toppings. If you feel plagued by any the above, it's time to try a new form.

This may come as a surprise, but deep dish is more than just regular pizza with a thicker dough. It takes the main ingredients (dough, sauce, and cheese) and elevates them to a meal that some might say isn't pizza anymore at all, but a dish sent down from the heavens. While everyone has their own preferences, we compiled eight reasons deep dish knocks thin crust out of the park. And if we couldn't sway you from your slim crust ways, you won't want to miss our exclusive report of the 25 Best and Worst Frozen Pizzas

It's More Filling

Stomachs, rest assured! Each slice of deep dish pizza is so thick and loaded with ingredients that it's sure to fill you up. (Unlike a slice of thin crust that can seem like more of a snack than a meal.) This also means that one pie will go a LONG way, so you can spread the pizza-love and share with friends and family.

It Fits More Toppings

Because of the flatness of regular pizza, the space for toppings is limited. Whatever does make it on top is sliced thin, in order to cook quickly. Deep dish pies cook for much longer and the thicker crust can withhold mounds of add-ins. These extra toppings actually lower the glycemic index (how quickly your body breaks down carbs), because extra fiber and protein will help to slow down digestion. Not only does that mean deep dish may help you stay full, but it may end up helping you lose weight!

There Are Different Cheese Options

Regular pizza has regular cheese. I'm not knocking down mozzarella, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a thin slice with anything else. Deep dish pizza uses sliced cheese instead of shredded, which broadens the dairy options. You're likely to find Romano and Ricotta cheeses throughout the menu that will pleasantly surprise your pizza taste buds.

You Enjoy it Sitting Down

New York-style thin crust pizza was invented to eat on-the-go, folded up like a sandwich. While this works for a quick snack (especially if you prefer eating alone), if you want a sit-down meal, you're better off choosing deep dish. It's so thick you're not only forced to get a table at the restaurant and be social, but you probably need to act semi-proper and use utensils to keep all the layers together, too. Now, who said pizza could never be fancy?

There's No Messy Oil


We all have something that's been stained by pizza grease. As much as we try to avoid drippage, it happens when we're least expecting it! If you're an especially messy eater (like myself) stick to deep dish. The pizzas are dryer in general, and the thick crust won't droop and spill oil like it's thin counterpart.

There Are So Many Options

Classic deep dish pizza goes in this order: dough slammed into a pan, slices of cheese, toppings, and then sauce. This might seem out-of-whack, but it's because of the longer bake time. This way, the hidden cheese stays soft and stringy, not burnt and crispy. While this is the traditional method, you can find variations and other types of deep dish on the market, too. Stuffed pizza has a second layer of dough and pan pizza is cooked halfway and then frozen. Because many people enjoy cheese on top, some restaurants will also offer that option.

There's More To Chew On


You know what thin crust pizza reminds me of? A cracker. A cracker that crunches, is chewed, and swallowed in a matter of seconds. That doesn't happen with deep dish. Deep dish gives you more to chew on, which can actually be helpful when it comes to telling your body you've eaten your fill. A BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care study found that when you chew more—and longer—you feel fuller sooner and hungry again later compared to those who scarf down their meals in a matter of munutes. So what are you waiting for? The solution to looking less doughy is to eat more dough!

You Won't Skip The Crust

As a society, we are divided. There are the people who eat their pizza crust and the people who don't. If deep dish was more popular, this honestly wouldn't be a thing. While many don't enjoy the ultra-crispy crust that comes with a thin pizza, there's nothing to hate about the deep dish crust. It's buttery, thick, and has just the right amount of crispiness on the outside without the chance of cutting your gums. One of our biggest divides can be easily solved; now onto politics…