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9 Best Wine Subscription Services

Have your favorite wines delivered straight to you by using one of these great subscriptions.
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National Wine Day falls on Monday, May 25, which is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorites. From merlot to chardonnay, rosé, or sparkling, whatever your preference is (we won't judge if you like them all!), there are tons of wine delivery services out there that can be great for you.

To make choosing one easier, take a look at these nine favorite wine subscription services (in no particular order) for you to celebrate National Wine Day any day. There's something for everyone on this list. And for more awesome subscription services, check out these for fesh produce and these for meat.

Revel Wine

revel wine subscription bottle
Revel Wine Club/Facebook

Join Revel Wine's club and you can customize a box of 4, 6, or 12 bottles to be shipped to you. Choose between "Organic," "Organic & Sulfate Free," or "All Wines," then decide if you want all reds or a mix of your favorites. You can even opt for monthly shipments, or one every 2 or 3 months.

$36 at Revel Wine
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vinebox subscription wine

VINEBOX does things a little differently than its competitors. Instead of delivering bottles to your door, they send you 9 flight-sized resealable tubes that act as convenient, single-glass servings. The cost to join their club is $79. Considering the selections they send are new vintages and fresh releases from European vineyards, this is a stellar deal for a pretty penny. Even better, shipping is included.

Now, if you don't love wine as much as your vino-obsessed friends, you can buy this as a gift and celebrate National Wine Day vicariously through them.

$79 at VINEBOX
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usual wines subscription box

Continuing on the "doing things differently" train, Usual sells a mixed pack of 3 different wines that have no additives or sugar. The options in the mixed pack are red, rosé, and brut bottles that equal one glass (plus a little more!). You get a little bit of everything with this subscription for wine and a bubbly bonus with their brut champagne bottle. (That one is the only non-resealable option. It comes with a bottle cap, like old-fashioned soda.)

Shipping is free on orders of 12 or more. This is a perfect option if you just want one glass, and they're cute enough to drink out of the bottle. (Bonus: You can put flowers in them once they're empty because of their unique shape.) You can order this pack monthly or on a one-time-only basis.

$80 at Usual
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Nocking Point

nocking point wine subscription bottles
Nocking Point/Facebook

Nocking Point's Tastemaker's Wine Club is probably where you'll find the coolest deal. Each month, pay $49 for two bottles of wine that have been curated by celebrities. Who doesn't want to be sipping like the A-listers on National Wine Day?

$49 at Nocking Point
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Ninety Plus Cellars

90+ cellars wine subscription bottle
90+ Cellars/Facebook

At Ninety Plus Cellars $50 will get you a box of three bottles that contain mixed red and white wines sent to you on a quarterly basis. This is the perfect subscription as well for new wine drinkers because each of your orders will come with notes on the wine you are tasting so that you can learn and understand the complexity of all the flavors you're experiencing with each bottle.

You can definitely think of yourself as a wine connoisseur after trying this service.

$50 at Ninety Plus Cellars
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Empathy Wines

empathy wines subscription box
Empathy Wines/Facebook

Empathy does a seasonal wine club where you get rosé in the spring, white in the summer, and reds in the fall. All of the grapes that go into Empathy wine are cultivated by farmers from Lake County and Geyserville, California. If three bottles isn't enough for you in one shipment per season, you can bump up to a gold club membership, which gets you six bottles in each seasonal shipment. To get even more, a platinum membership ships double that and you'll have 12 bottles on your doorstep each season.

$60 at Empathy Wines
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Cellars Wine Club

cellars wine club subscription bottles
Cellars Wine Club/Facebook

Want wine straight from boutique vineyards in France, New Zealand, and South Africa? How about getting some each month? Cellars Wine Club would be an excellent fit. When you join their premium club you get a monthly shipment of two bottles of amazing wine from all over the world for $49 each month.

$49 at Cellars Wine Club
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wine society subscription box
Courtesy of Wine Society

Canned wine is all the rage, and this subscription service is great if you're on a budget. You can order a pack of 3 cans that contain 500-milliliter cans of wine. Do the math, and that's about 16 glasses of wine total. You can order this from WineSociety for just $36.75 and a shipment of these modern cans will show up on your doorstep every three months!

Bonus: They also offer a variety pack that lets you try three of their classic wines. The flavors range from dark and elusive, light and crisp, to beautiful and balanced. (Their black, pink, and white cans represent the different flavors, so they're easy to differentiate.)

$37 at WineSociety
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winc wine subscription box

Winc is unique because they decide what wines you get in your subscription box based on your answers to their quick introductory quiz right as you enter their page.

The quiz is very simple and asks you six questions like how you take your coffee, how much salt you prefer, your preferences on citrus, if you enjoy flavors that have earthy tones, your berry preferences, and lastly but most importantly, how risky you are when it comes to trying new food and beverages. Simple, right?

To take it a step further, Winc asks you to rate your wine so they can continue to send you bottles that best match your palate and can improve your wine experience with each shipment. The monthly subscription includes three bottles of wine and only costs $39, plus $9 for shipping.

$48 at Winc
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