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Feeling Down This Winter? Try These Self-Care Hacks To Improve Your Mood

Show your mind and body some necessary TLC this season and beyond.

When you're in need of a little mood boost this very chilly time of year, you can always count on TikTok to deliver seriously inspiring self-care hacks. Simply head over to the #SelfCare hashtag on the platform, and you'll receive all the motivational videos you need in order to show your mind and body some necessary TLC throughout the winter and beyond, because self-care should always be a number one priority.

Let's be honest: The wintertime blues can be real. Being cooped up indoors this time of year calls for amping up the pampering and giving your self-care routine an update. On the one hand, according to mental health expert at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Matthew Rudorfer, "Winter blues is a general term, not a medical diagnosis. It's fairly common, and it's more mild than serious. It usually clears up on its own in a fairly short amount of time." Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), on the other hand, is a form of depression that's more severe, and it's a "clinical diagnosis."

First and foremost, it's a smart idea to speak with your healthcare provider or a mental health expert if you're feeling blue. These self-care hacks should not be in place of seeking the help of a certified professional. But if you're looking for quick ways to upgrade your wintertime routine, pamper yourself more, or get a little dose of happiness, check out these self-care hacks from TikTok. We're sure they'll be your newest obsessions this winter and beyond.

Maximize the daylight you have by making the most of your winter mornings.


sharing ways I adapt to winter & combat SAD they genuinely make a difference!! 🫶🏾 #seasonaldepression #mentalhealth #advice #wintertips #selfcare

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TikToker @catvolcy shares some useful self-care insight we love, which starts with taking advantage of early mornings throughout the winter. The TikTok user explains in the video, "They help maximize the small amount of daylight we have. I think it's important to create early-morning rituals that are customized for your unique needs, like whatever makes you feel good and energizes you."

So whether that ritual is brewing up a seasonal latte to enjoy by the windowsill, heading outdoors for a walk with your pup, or curling up with a juicy read and an energizing essential oil going in the diffuser, do what makes you feel your best and fuels you up for the day.

Another tip from this TikToker? Try to prepare and enjoy more homecooked meals this time of year to ensure you're filling your belly with good, healthy, whole foods. Oh—and don't feel bad taking on a more slow-paced mentality on weekends and embracing all things cozy.

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Wake up with a sunrise alarm clock.

Investing in a sunrise alarm clock will lead to your new favorite way to wake up. We all know parting with your cozy bed on a dark winter morning can be one big struggle. With a sunrise alarm clock on your nightstand, you'll basically be waking up with the sun!

TikTok user, yoga teacher, and well-being mentor @jodie.melissa is a major fan of the sunrise alarm clock, and so are we. In the video, this TikToker explains, "It mimics natural sunlight so you don't wake up in the dark. You feel more refreshed and wake up less groggy. It really does help ease winter blues and makes the mornings more manageable! A lot of them come with a sunset feature, too, if you struggle to drift off."

Use a facial mist and break out the humidifier to ensure your skin stays hydrated and moisturized.

Whether you deal with frustrating breakouts on the regular or your skin gets crazy dry in the winter, these skincare hacks are for you.

In one video, TikTok user @natalie_oneillll appears with radiant, glowing skin. She first explains you should always wash your hands before washing your face because if bacteria are lurking on your hands, you'll easily spread them onto your face when cleansing. Skincare hack number two? Set a one-minute timer, and cleanse your skin for the full minute (or more)! And lastly, don't pick at any blemishes. Natalia reveals what works best for her, which is turning off the lights while cleansing at night.

To specifically prep your skin for winter, Natalie suggests in another TikTok video working a facial mist into your skincare routine between hydrating layers—aka your serum and moisturizer—to really "lock in" the hydration. In addition, be mindful of any irritation, like redness, coming from retinoid lotions. And lastly, break out the humidifier to ensure your skin stays moisturized and supple even when the heat's cranked up.

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Pamper your dry hands with exfoliation and a mask.

Between washing your hands and heading outdoors in brutally cold temps, your hands really take a beating in the winter. Who's with us on this one? TikTok user @slimkimxo shares a hand care routine you'll want to start copying ASAP.

Separate from your facial routine, your hands deserve skincare pampering of their own. In fact, it's necessary and something you may not have thought of before. So, let's chat about the routine. First, start with an exfoliation scrub. Next, move on to a hydrating hand mask, and rub the product in. Then, butter your hands up in the hand cream of your choice. Don't forget to round things out with cuticle cream and oil! Happy, well-hydrated hands mean a happy you.

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