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The 12 Best Self-Care Gifts for Your Wellness-Obsessed Friends & Fam

Treat your loved ones to our favorite pampering treats for total mind and body wellness.
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'Tis the season to draw a warm bath with soaking salts as you listen to your favorite Christmas playlist, enjoy an at-home facial during holiday Netflix sessions, and dress head-to-toe in the coziest loungewear you can possibly find. In addition to showing yourself some major TLC this very merry time of year, it's fun to gift your loved ones some pampering wellness treats, courtesy of you! To help you shop until you drop, we've pulled together the best self-care gifts for the wellness-obsessed loved ones in your life. (We're not judging if you treat yourself to some of these indulgences, too!) Keep reading to check out our top picks.

The Remedy Reset Program

Remedy Organics reset program
Remedy Organics
$129 at Remedy Organics
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From tasty, plant-based wellness shakes and immunity shots that evoke the body's "natural healing power," to a total reset program that will cleanse you "from the inside out," Remedy Organics has it all. With sweet matcha, spicy chai, and more delicious flavors, your loved one will be hooked.

Remedy's reset program, curated by holistic nutritionist, Cindy Kasindorf, comes complete with three days of wellness-inspired goodies designed to help you totally recharge. Expect 18 (12-ounce) wellness shakes, 12 (2-ounce) immunity+shots, and an exclusive Remedy Organics mindfulness journal to establish intentions and track progress. Pack these refreshing goodies into a retro-chic Polarbox Cooler ($50) for a chilled wellness treat that's ready to enjoy.

Whole Foods Market's Clean Body Care Collection Gift Kit

Whole Foods clean beauty advent calendar
Whole Foods Market
$30 at Whole Foods Market
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What's better than a holiday advent calendar filled with 12 days of clean beauty products? The best part is the products are worth $100 together, but you can buy this gift for a cool $30. So if you're on a budget, this certainly won't break the bank! Plus, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Expect cult-favorite products from top beauty, skincare, and wellness brands, such as cocokind, Egyptian Magic, Acure, Vital Proteins, Karuna Skin, and Pacha Soap Co. Your loved one will have a sweet surprise to look forward to each day!

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Pura's Housewarming Set

Pura's housewarming set
$69 at Pura
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Pura's Smart Fragrance Diffuser ($45) makes wellness so seamless and enjoyable. Your loved one can fill up their home with the dreamiest fragrances, controlling the device conveniently from their smartphone. They can even customize the intensity of the scent and set an "away mode" when they're out of town. The diffuser itself holds two fragrances at a time, making it incredibly easy to switch from one scent to another with a simple tap, depending on the mood or occasion.

You have a few options here. You can purchase the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser on its own, and choose from scents like frosted pine, wild sage, sea salt driftwood, coconut calm, Sicilian tangerine, and more. (Scents range from $12 to $18.) Or, you can opt for a set that comes complete with the diffuser and two scents. Pura's Housewarming Set ($69), for instance, is the perfect choice for anyone who just moved into a new place. Or, transport the recipient to their favorite store with the Anthropologie Set ($78), which includes Anthro's two signature scents.

BODi by Beachbody

woman doing virtual workout
$179 at Beachbody
Buy Now

Beachbody is the gift that keeps on giving. Membership to Beachbody will gift your loved one access to seamless nutrition plans, popular workouts, a personal support system, and all the necessary tools they need to stay on track with their goals.

Beachbody On Demand Interactive, aka BODi, features everyday live, on-demand classes so your loved one can work up a sweat and get in some fitness from the comfort of their home. To sign up for BODi by Beachbody today, you can choose the $15-per-month plan ($179 billed annually) with a 30-day money-back guarantee; the $20-per-month plan ($119 billed every six months) with a 30-day money-back guarantee; or the $30-per-month plan ($89 billed every three months) with a 14-day free trial.

Blue Stripes Cacao Gift Box

Blue Stripes Cacao gift set
Blue Stripes Cacao
$40 at Blue Stripes
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Blue Stripes Cacao is where the gift-giving is at if your bestie or family member is in the market for a new superfood obsession. The brand is all about utilizing "the miraculous natural powers" of the whole cacao—including the fruit, beans, and shell—to boost the already-amazing benefits of this superfood through tasty treats and refreshing beverages. (Talk about taking holistic wellness and self-care to a new level!) The gift boxes—which are available for purchase in sizes small ($40) and large ($70)—include whole cacao granola, cacao chocolate beans, whole cacao trail mix, dried cacao fruit, and more.

High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Lord Jones CBD bath salts
Lord Jones
$50 at Lord Jones
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After a stressful day or for some post-workout pampering, there's nothing as enjoyable as drawing a bath with these CBD bath salts by Lord Jones. This particular blend of calendula and arnica flowers, along with Himalayan pink and Epsom salts, is infused with 240mg of CBD and gives off the fragrant aroma of citrus and evergreen. The brand notes in the product description, "It's a bath experience crafted to restore balance, relax the body, and soothe your soul." What's better than that for calming mind and body wellness?

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit luxe with gold band
$120 at Fitbit
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The Fitbit Luxe looks very, well, luxe with its beautiful special-edition gold stainless steel bracelet band designed by gorjana. It resembles a stylish piece of jewelry more than a fitness tracker, enabling anyone who wears it to stay on top of their workout and health game 24/7 in style. (This purchase also comes with a peony classic band so your best friend or family member can swap out the vibe whether they're doing an intense fitness class or heading to work.)

Complete with heart rate tracking, movement reminders, and active zone minutes, it can help motivate you and keep your health goals top of mind. Syncing up with the Fitbit app will also offer health metrics like resting heart and breathing rates, skin temperature, heart rate variability, and more.

Maude's Burn—Jojoba Oil Massage Candle

burn massage candle
$18 at Sephora
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This vegan jojoba oil candle serves a dual purpose; your bestie can light it up in their home for about 15 minutes, then once they blow it out, the soothing, warm massage oil is all set to enjoy. The smooth texture of the melted oil is ultra-hydrating and provides peak absorption into the skin.

This paraben-free self-care treat comes in both fragrance-free and essential oil blends. Choose from scent no. 1, which is amber, cedar leaf, clove, lemongrass, Medjool date, and tonka bean; no. 2, which is pink pepper, gurjun balsam, lemon, and cedarwood; and no. 3, which is sandalwood, eucalyptus, cassis, and Haitian vetiver.

Soni SM with Matching Strap

Seasons portable diffuser in pink
$118 at Seasons
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Let's be honest: Have you ever seen a portable, waterless, ultrasonic diffuser as trendy as this one? Complete with a matching vegan leather strap, this household staple will totally elevate your wellness-obsessed loved one's space. This diffuser can easily be brought into any room of the house, so whether your special person is curling up with a juicy read on the windowsill or soaking in a soothing bubble bath, they can enjoy the aroma of their favorite essential oils. (They can even bring this gem with them when they travel!)

FlexiSpot's Ergonomic Chair Pro

FlexiSpot chairs split image
$630 at FlexiSpot
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If you're shopping for a work-from-home gift for someone who needs better back support, look no further than FlexiSpot's Ergonomic Chair Pro, aka the office chair of all office chairs. The price tag is a little steep, but you're definitely getting what you pay for—this chair reigns supreme!

Your loved one will be showing their back and posture some major TLC every single day with the Ergonomic Chair Pro. The chair's back frame has a combo of PU soft plastic and hard plastic. The PU soft plastic is closest to the person's back and automatically conforms to their back strength once they're all situated. Some more features that are too good to pass up? An adjustable headrest and ergonomically designed seat, aluminum alloy chassis with smooth wheels that won't destroy the floor, and a sleek overall design. Choose from colors such as black, gray, red, and light blue.

TheraFace Pro

TheraFace Pro
$399 at Therabody
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This pampering device offers a spa-like facial treatment the lucky recipient can enjoy at home, whenever they please. The TheraFace Pro, which is an FDA-Cleared Type II Medical Device, helps ease tension and soothes muscles throughout the face using the iconic tech behind Theragun's percussive therapy, which is now tailored to the facial muscles.

TheraFace Pro's red light therapy helps decrease wrinkles surrounding the eyes; the blue light therapy helps with acne reduction; the red + infrared light therapy helps decrease wrinkles around the eye area and temporarily alleviates pain. The microcurrent ring is stellar at tightening the facial skin and boosting muscle tone in the face and neck for an overall glowing complexion.

Ember Mug² (14-Ounce)

Ember mug
$150 at Ember
Buy Now

Whether you're shopping for someone who enjoys reading the newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand or looks forward to tea time in the afternoon, the Ember Mug² is here to keep things hot—quite literally. Self-described as "the world's first temperature control mug," it makes sure every beverage is the most enjoyable temp—one that's specifically chosen by the user—and preserves that temp for one and a half hours (if you go for the 10-ounce mug, $130) or for a max of 80 minutes (if you choose the 14-ounce mug, $150).

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