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This Is the #1 Worst Fast Food Chain in America, Says Report

Consumer Reports deemed this chain the worst of the lot in a new reader survey.

Fast-food chains are such an easy target for mockery, but they do hold an important place in America's dining ecosystem—particularly during a pandemic. One national chain, however, appears to be considered the worst… or, at least, the lowest-rated. Which national chain came in last place in a recent poll? Sbarro's Pizza.

Consumer Reports provides ratings from their over 30 thousand subscribers on a wide range of subjects, from household appliances to supermarkets. Their most recent ratings of fast-food restaurants, which were clearly not pandemic-related, looked at 65 total chains. The chain with the lowest rating was the East Coast-based quick pizza eatery, Sbarro's, which you may often see in airports, shopping malls, or at turnpike rest stops.

Sbarro's rating was a depressingly low 65 out of 100, and got its worst marks for food freshness and overall value. To its credit, however, the pizza chain's service politeness, cleanliness, and speed were rated okay. (Related: The Best & Worst Menu Items at Sbarro.)

Other notable chains that also earned poor marks? KFC came in with a score of 69 while McDonald's and Burger King also scored very low marks of 71.

As Consumer Reports explained in their buying guide, uninspiring food was the biggest critique among their readers. The food provided by the lowest-ranked outlets "just wasn't that good." And saving a penny wasn't always worth the effort. Or, in their words: "Despite dollar menus, discounts, and frequent promotions, most chains got only so-so scores for value. The top-rated outlets were In 'N Out Burger and Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza."

Americans have become more reliant on fast-food restaurants to feed themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic, and not just for the low cost. The convenience, especially as drive-throughs have become the safest way to procure a quick meal and avoid contagions, has made them a reasonable and safe option. Fortunately, there are good deals and even better meals at dozens of lesser-known restaurants, especially as many chains are serving a growing market of diners seeking healthier options.

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