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7 Pantry Foods Everyone Had in the '70s

In retrospect, we're not sure why Mug-O-Lunch sounded like a good idea.

Ah, the 1970s. The decade was a time of Pop Rocks and Ring Pops, The Brady Bunch, and classic rock. And there were plenty of classic '70s foods that were popular at the time, too.

Many of the most iconic foods from the '70s are no longer on store shelves—you'd be hard-pressed to find Space Food Sticks or Aspen Soda these days. But some '70s foods, like Reese's Pieces and Cool Whip, have stood the test of time.

Here are some of the most common pantry foods from the 1970s. How many were in your lunchbox back in the day?

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mug o lunch betty crocker boxes 1970s commercial
Betty Crocker/YouTube

If you didn't feel like making lunch (or dinner) from scratch, Mug-O-Lunch was here to help. The noodles and seasoning came to life with boiling water, much like Cup Noodles ramen.

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jars of koogle peanut spread from commercial 1970s

Have you ever wished your peanut butter was less sticky? That might sound odd, but it was the marketing idea behind Koogle. Still, we're intrigued by the fact that it came in flavors like chocolate or banana to spice things up.

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Tuna Twist

box of tuna twist seasoning with cartoon vegetables 1970s commercial

If you were making tuna salad and didn't know where to start with seasonings, Tuna Twist was your best friend. The dried seasoning packets gave the tuna-mayo blend a little bit of pizzazz, without home cooks having to measure out individual spices.


Hamburger Helper

hamburger helper

This is one '70s pantry food that's still around today! Hamburger Helper made cooking ground beef easy. If you have a little more time, though, we suggest trying one of our healthy ground beef recipes instead.


Pizza Spins

pizza spins box
Courtesy of General Mills

For those times when you couldn't get to a slice of hot, fresh pizza, Pizza Spins were the next best thing. Sure, you can still buy pizza-flavored Pringles, but those don't have the iconic wheel shape that this '70s snack did.


Danish Rings

kelloggs danish rings box 1970s

Before there were Pop-Tarts, you could start your day off with a packaged breakfast courtesy of Danish Rings toaster pastries. We're willing to bet these weren't the most nutritious breakfast out there.



Red jello

You couldn't make those legendary Jello salads without a box of Jello! The gelatin treat is still available in stores, but it's a lot less popular now than it was in its heyday.

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