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7 Pantry Foods Everyone Had in the '90s

White chocolate and Easy Cheese were the snacks du jour.
cans of easy cheese

From '70s inventions like Mug-O-Lunch to the '80s' obsession with ranch dressing, food trends can tell you a lot about American culture. And while the '90s saw some efforts to move away from packaged foods and toward home-cooked meals, there were still plenty of not-so-healthy '90s staples, like pizza rolls and Hot Pockets.

Aside from the classic nostalgic '90s snacks, though, what was in people's pantries during the decade of the Backstreet Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Here are some common '90s foods that were on plenty of pantry shelves across the country.

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Balsamic Vinegar

plated salad of lettuce strawberries chicken with balsamic vinaigrette

As Epicurious explains, the 1990s saw a renewed interest in Italian staples like espresso and balsamic vinegar. It may be 30 years later, but we think balsamic still makes a perfect salad dressing.

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Green Ketchup

heinz ez squirt ketchup with fries

We don't know why this Heinz monstrosity existed, but every '90s kid wanted to dip their French fries into it.

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Easy Cheese

cans of easy cheese

This is one trend we won't miss. There's nothing authentic (or tasty) about cheese from a can.


Rainbow Sprinkles

candy sprinkles
Amawasri Pakdara/Shutterstock

Whether you were baking a Funfetti cake or eating Dannon Sprink'lins yogurt, rainbow sprinkles were a staple of all sorts of '90s treats.


White Chocolate

White chocolate pretzels
Jasmine Waheed/Unsplash

Another '90s trend Epicurious pointed out is the resurgence of white chocolate. Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme bars, as well as the now-discontinued Nestlé Alpine White bars, both hit the candy-aisle scene during the decade.


Canned Tuna

tuna noodle casserole

Tuna casserole was a classic '90s dinner, and tuna melts were pretty popular, too.


Sundried Tomatoes

sundried tomatoes

Another Italian-inspired '90s trend was the inclusion of sundried tomatoes in everything from sandwiches to salads to pizza. We still love sundried tomatoes—but in moderation.

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