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11 Nostalgic '90s Snacks To Eat While Watching "That '90s Show"

The new reboot of the retro sitcom premieres Jan. 19 on Netflix.
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If you're a fan of That '70s Show, then you know that you "can't control the weather," but you sure can control the snacks you eat.

As you prepare to watch the popular sitcom's more modern rebootThat '90s Show premieres Jan. 19 on Netflix, with many of the original cast members making a reappearanceit's important to plan for the munchies.

We did some digging to find the perfect '90s-era snacks to complement your viewing party.

That '90s Show is the perfect excuse to grab your favorite throwback foods and make an epic spread that even the hard-to-please Red Forman would approve ofand, no, we're not talking about Hyde's "special brownies."

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You need to start out your viewing party with Dunkaroos. The famous '90s snack made its triumphant return in 2020 and has since launched new flavors: chocolate cookies with chocolate chip frosting and vanilla cookies with chocolate frosting.

Fruit by the Foot

fruit by the foot variety pack
Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker shaped our childhood when it launched Fruit by the Foot. The berry-flavored treat claims to have no artificial flavoring and all of that fruity flavor. It may even dye your tongue a fun color, just like a true '90s kid!

Cool Whip

cool whip

According to Kraft Heinz, Cool Whip came out in 1966 and swiftly gained popularity since then. Consumers went nuts over the topping after the low-fat versions came out in the '90s. For the prime viewing experience, make sure to grab some strawberries and get to dipping!

Cosmic Brownies

little debbie cosmic brownies
Little Debbie

There's a reason these brownies are described as cosmic. The out-of-this-world '90s snack by Little Debbie is perfect for those times you are looking for a fudgy treat but don't necessarily want to whip out that boxed brownie batter.

Cheez Balls

planters cheez balls iconic snacks


Cheez Balls will never go out of style, especially not in the realm of '90s snacks. Planters' cheesy finger food was discontinued in 2006 but returned for good in 2018. Just in time to stain your hands orange for That '90s Show!

Hunt's Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding

snack pack chocolate pudding

Hunt's Snack Pack Chocolate Puddings are sure to tug on your nostalgic heart strings. The original pudding came out in 1968 and now offers every flavor from Cinnabon to ice cream sandwich. Although, we personally think Michael Kelso would call dibs on that banana cream pie-inspired pudding.

Pop Rocks

pop rocks variety pack

If you're looking for some excitement in your snack spread, turn to Pop Rocks, a product of the '70s that was also cool in the '90s—kind of like the new show! According to the brand's website, the popular, crackling "action candy" was briefly discontinued in the mid-'80s amid false rumors that combining it with soda could be deadly. By the '90s, the popping candy was back in a big way and the old debunked myth only added to its popularity.

Ding Dongs

ding dongs

Not to be confused with Ring Dings, Ding Dongs are little hockey puck-shaped, cream-filled chocolate Hostess cakes that used to be called various other things until 1998, when the Ding Dongs name officially stuck. A classic snack, no matter what you call it, this throwback food is a can't miss.


lunchables ham, cheese, and crackers

If you need a meal and a quick snack, you're in luck. Lunchables were a part of the ultimate '90s kid guidebook with the original pre-packaged lunch containing an assortment of meats and cheeses. Presently, the food is still going strong for parents, kids and, soon enough, That '90s Show fans.

Ring Pops

ring pop party pack

Ring Pops have been ingrained into our childhood memories. The edible bling is a famous symbol of the '90s era with cherry, watermelon, lime, and cotton candy bubble gum flavors (the watermelon being the best, obviously). You can even grab the kids treat on Amazon!


kahlúa rum & coffee liqueur
Fresh Direct

Kitty did love her adult beverages on That '70s Show, and Kahlúa was one of the character's go-to drinks, even if she wouldn't call it that: "Kahlúa is barely a drink. It's like root beer." So it's only fitting that you have some with your snacks. The world's best-selling coffee liqueur became a pop cultural sensation in the '90s with its prominent role in the Coen brothers' film The Big Lebowski. Add your own spin by making some festive espresso martinis—you'll thank us later!

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