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This Sandwich Chain Is Updating Its Kitchens

A new restaurant prototype reveals the future of the brand.

H-E-B Is Pulling Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream From Stores

This is not a summer treat you'll want to cool down with.

Taco Bell’s Pizza Is Making a Permanent Comeback

The chain didn't anticipate the crazy demand that followed the item's return.

This McDonald's Sandwich Is Free Today

The chain has saved the best for last.

This Ingredient Is Being Tied to Another Outbreak of Illnesses

Reports of liver dysfunction and hospitalization are on the rise.

Chipotle Is Getting This Much More Expensive

While still cheaper than most competitors, the chain's burritos are getting more expensive.

Capri Sun Is Drastically Changing Its Ingredients

The company said it's because of what parents now prefer to give their kids.

McDonald’s Is Changing Its Approach to the Value Menu

From coast to coast, Mickey D's menu and prices could look very different.

Albertsons Is Making a Comeback After Declining Sales

Improved store brands and digital did the trick.

McDonald’s Won’t Be Making This Anticipated Change Soon

Kempczinski shared his thoughts on automation in a recent earnings call.

Subway’s New Campaign Has Some Saying it's Gone Too Far

The price of free sandwiches is a tall order.

This Chain Has the Best Ice Cream in America

Do you agree with fellow ice cream fans?

This Green Bistro Is Coming to “Every Major City”

A new owner has big plans for the Texas chain.

ALDI Could Temporarily Close a Store

Issues ranging from ongoing burglaries to staff shortages have contributed.

Arby's Just Added Two New Items to the Menu

They're an unexpected but welcome addition.

5 Fast-Casual Chains With the Most Food Quality Complaints

Not even fast-casuals are immune to reports of bad food.

Domino's Is Facing This Major Shortage Right Now

The beloved brand is struggling to feed America's hunger for pizza.

Amy's Kitchen Is Now Struggling After Facing Major Backlash From Its Employees

Allegations include multiple workplace injuries at the family-run company.

Kroger Is Seeing A Major Pest Problem At One of Its Stores

These furry creatures are eating their way through the grocery store.

This Pretzel-Slinger Is Breaking Out of the Mall

It's breaking out of the mall and becoming a snack destination.

Chipotle Shutters a Store Amid Unionization

Employees are crying foul on the company's decision.

Buying This Frozen Grocery Staple Could Cost More

Stay away from the freezer section right now.

This Grocery Item Finally Just Fell In Price

But it may not stay that way for long.

Grocery Stores Are Pulling This Medication From Shelves

A bacteria that could gravely affect some people was found.

Coca-Cola Is Launching New Flavors of Fanta

Fans are going to love this innovative new line of sodas.

Snack Caused Major Illnesses in Almost 500 People

Additionally, almost 100 customers sought hospitalization for serious symptoms.