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This Grocery Chain Just Won a Satisfaction Award for the Second Year in a Row

The shoppers have spoken.

Whether it's a favorite bakery section or unbeatable low prices, there's always an aspect that keeps shoppers coming back to their favorite grocery store. However, there is one area that most customers might overlook when considering what they love about supermarkets, but it can make a big difference—the pharmacy—and one grocery store continues to beat out all others. 

When it comes to the ease of filling a prescription and according to customers, the #1 grocery pharmacy in America is H-E-B. And it must be doing something right as this is the second year in a row Texas-based chain has won the award. 

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J.D. Power polled over 12,100 shoppers who used pharmacy services in the last year for things like prescription filling, price, ordering, customer service from both pharmacists and staff, pickup and delivery, the supermarket, mass merchant, and mail orders. A 1,000-point scale was used to rate each store. 

H-E-B Storefront
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H-E-B ranked the highest with a score of 785, but many other big chains followed closely on its heels. Wegmans placed second with a score of 754, Publix was in third with 747 points, Stop & Shop came in fourth with 707, Albertsons in fifth with a 705 average, and Hy-Vee in sixth place with a score of 701. Falling below expectations at the lowest rating was Safeway with 655 points and then King Snoopers 10 below that with 644.

While H-E-B may be the best place to get your prescription filled, another ranking names a different regional grocery chain as the best place to go shopping overall. Apparently, when it comes to products, customer service, atmosphere, accessibility, and layout—there is no better place to grab your groceries than at Wegmans, according to a survey released in May of America's Best Retailers of 2022.

The chain scored a whopping 92.25 points—beating out Publix, which came in second with 91.67 points, and Harps Food Stores, which came in third with 89.62 points. Sprouts and Whole Foods capped off the top five.

Amber Lake
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