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This Popular Frozen Food Company Is Now Struggling After Facing Major Backlash From Its Employees

Allegations include multiple workplace injuries at the family-run company.

The frozen food aisle has long been stocked with nonperishable items that draw shoppers looking for something quick to heat up during busy days. Among the many items containing laundry lists of dubious ingredients, there has always been one brand that appealed to those interested in something healthier and more convenient. For the past 35 years, that company has been Amy's Kitchen.

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However, these days with frozen food prices skyrocketing and inflation impacting most other grocery store prices, shoppers are looking to make cuts. Many times, pricey, organic, non-GMO foods have been on the chopping block. This, coupled with a whirlwind of tough economic times and the high cost of ingredients, has forced Amy's Kitchen to close its relatively new San Jose, Calif., plant as of July 18, with an official shut down to take place on September 16. The news comes just months after the factory was exposed for what its workers alleged were unsafe conditions. 

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According to employees that have spoken out, Amy's regularly forced injured workers to continue shifts on production lines at paces it kept increasing due to elevated demand during COVID-19's lockdown period, as well as downplayed injuries, withheld breaks, didn't provide clean drinking water, and other unsafe practices.

Only now, sales from its frozen food have waned post-pandemic and the food company is seeing a reverse in consumer spending behavior. Prior to the July 18 closure, the plant was seeing a $1 million a month loss. 

In early April, organizations like the Food Empowerment Project and Veggie Mijas along with former Amy's employees encouraged grocery stores to remove their products. A few obliged, Eater reports.

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