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McDonald's Is Giving Away This Free Sandwich Today

The chain has saved the best for last.

All month long McDonald's has been cooking up some killer deals over at Camp McDonald's. And the fast-food titan has saved some of its best promotions for last, so it's a better time than ever to head over to your Mickey D's app to score a free item.

The 27-day virtual experience kicked off on July 5 through the chain's app. During the past few weeks, fans were able to enjoy deals on food, exclusive merch drops, and virtual performances by some of today's most popular musicians. Each week has had a different theme and this week it's "You, McD's & Kid Cudi in Outer Space."

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And today's deal is one of its best yet—a free McChicken sandwich. To take advantage of the offer, you'll need to make at least a $1 purchase on the app and tack on the free sandwich before you check out. It's that easy.


To round off a summer of fun and great deals, Saturday's promotion will be equally enticing: a $2 Big Mac. Then, to cap it all off on Sunday, Kid Cudi will be performing live exclusively on the app.

While everything here sounds smooth as a dollop of mayo on a free McChicken, this promo-fest hasn't gone without a hitch. The camp had a rocky start due to the sheer popularity and demand. On its first day, the launch of a Grimace-shaped pool float had some customers waiting in a virtual line for hours—only to be turned away empty-handed. Angry float-less customers took to Twitter to air their grievances and McDonald's sent apology emails after rectifying its low stock problems.

While such nationwide promotional events aided by celebs have become quite the strategy at McDonald's, the chain has recently announced it will be taking a new approach to its value offers.  

"As we get more digital, there are different products with different elasticities in different geographies. I get excited about the ability for us to be much more targeted in how we deliver that value," said CEO Chris Kempczinski, noting that the chain plans on customizing value offers based on regionality.

Amber Lake
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