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Anna Bechtel

Anna Bechtel

About author

Anna Bechtel is a freelance writer currently based in Hamden, CT. She recently graduated from Drew University, majoring in English and minoring in Media Studies. She currently writes for The Odyssey Online and The Access Report. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and podcasts, photography, and fashion.

Articles by Anna Bechtel

A woman is wearing protective mask on Street with Crowded people while covid-19 pandemic.
Female doctor with clipboard posing in a hemp field
Woman With Sore Throat
Woman is holding her lower back, while standing and suffering from pain.
Woman touches temples with hands suffers from throbbing severe headache
woman touching her neck and feeling pain in throat while sitting in the living room at home.
Mature doctor wearing uniform speaking at camera
Woman pouring oils to glass.
Sick woman laying in bed under wool blanket holding thermometer and tissue. Ill girl caught cold flu. Pills and tablets on table.