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Tyler Read

Tyler Read

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Tyler Read is a personal trainer and has been involved in health and fitness for the past 15 years. He has a BS in Kinesiology and is certified through NASM with over a decade of experience coaching clients for muscle building and fat loss. Tyler is also the founder of, a website dedicated to helping aspiring fitness coaches find the best personal training certifications and best nutrition coaching certifications for their specific career goals.

Articles by Tyler Read

woman does squats exercise outdoors, concept of workout to shrink hanging belly fat
woman doing split squats, walking lunges as part of workout to lose weight and build muscle
middle-aged man doing kettlebell lunges, exercises for men to stay fit after 50
woman doing side lunges by the water, demonstrating exercises for women to build muscle without equipment
woman doing jump squats as part of bodyweight workout to lose five pounds
fit muscular man doing barbell exercises to increase testosterone
muscular man holding cables demonstrating exercises to build broader shoulders
man lifting kettlebell, demonstrating free weights exercises to get rid of a dad belly
muscular man doing lat pulldowns at the gym, concept of exercises to build a bigger back
middle-aged woman demonstrating TRX exercises to increase your strength after 50
fit man doing barbell overhead press during muscle-building workout
man doing dumbbell pushups, dumbbell exercises for your back
fit man doing pull-ups, demonstrating exercises to prevent a dad bod by 40
man doing russian twists with weight plate to get rid of hanging belly fat
fitness man strength training, concept of exercise habits that destroy your body after 50
muscular man doing bodyweight squats, exercises for men to build muscle
muscular fitness man lifting dumbbells, concept of mistakes when working out with dumbbells
fitness man sprinting on track, demonstrating boot camp workout to flatten your belly in 30 days
woman dealing with leg injury, pain from not warming up before workouts
fitness class using toning balls, exercises to lose arm fat fast
couple in park demonstrating exercises to regain balance after 40
fitness man drinking protein shake outdoors, concept of eating mistakes for building muscle, over-doing it on protein
woman performing overhead barbell press, strength-building exercises
fitness woman doing jump squats outdoors on steps, compound exercises to melt belly fat
senior man doing leg-strengthening exercises squats with dumbbells at the gym
fitness man at gym doing bicep hammer curls with dumbbells to get bigger arms
fit man demonstrating how to build muscle at gym machine
woman doing yoga stretching at home as part of bedtime routine for weight loss
mature man doing sit-ups, worst weight loss exercises
muscular man doing dumbbell rows exercises for men to build muscle