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7 Least Effective Exercises for Bigger Leg Muscles

A trainer calls out seven least effective exercises for growing your leg muscles and seven alternatives.

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The #1 Daily Interval Walking Workout for Weight Loss

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5 Best Daily Workouts for Men To Build Bigger Arms

Achieve impressive arm gains with these daily workouts.

5 Best Superset Workouts to Sculpt Six-Pack Abs

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6 Best Leg Workouts for Men After 50

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The #1 Daily Compound Workout To Build a Muscular Chest

Achieve a more defined chest and boost your upper-body strength with this workout.

A Trainer's 8-Week ‘Body Recomposition’ Workout

A trainer walks you through eight weeks of body recomposition exercises for weight loss and muscle growth.

10 Best Standing HIIT Exercises for Weight Loss

These HIIT exercises will torch calories and burn fat without the need for equipment.

11 Best Hamstring Exercises for Stronger Legs

A trainer breaks down the best hamstring exercises to build lower-body strength.

The Best 5-Day 'Workout Split' for Weight Loss

A trainer shares how to perform his go-to, five-day workout split to speed up weight loss.

The #1 Daily Workout To Build Shoulder Strength

Try this trainer's daily workout regimen to achieve strong and mobile shoulders.

11 Best Compound Chest Exercises for Muscle Growth

Give your muscles a boost with these compound chest exercises.

5 Best Interval Walking Workouts to Sculpt a Lean Body

Walk your way to a lean body with a trainer's interval workouts.

6 Best Resistance Band Workouts To Maintain Weight Loss

Maintain your new goal weight and boost your fitness with a trainer's resistance band workouts.

Treadmill or Stair Climber: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

A trainer shares the benefits of working out on the treadmill versus stair climber for weight loss.

5 Workouts You Should Do Regularly in Your 40s

These workouts were specifically designed to enhance strength and flexibility in your 40s.

5 Best Workouts To Support Long-Term Weight Loss

A trainer walks you through five of his top-recommended workouts to support long-term weight loss.

The #1 Tabata Workout To Melt Calories Fast

Burn calories and boost your fitness with a trainer's go-to Tabata workout.

5 Simplest Daily Workouts To Maintain Weight Loss

A trainer's easy daily workouts will help you maintain your goal weight.

10 Best Exercises To Improve Your Lower-Body Mobility

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10 Best Jump Rope Workouts for Weight Loss

A trainer breaks down the best jump rope workouts for those looking to lose weight.

How Many Squats Do You Need To Do for a Firmer Butt?

A trainer explains the science behind squats and how you can achieve a toned posterior.

Stationary Bike or Elliptical: What's Better for Weight Loss?

A personal trainer breaks down the benefits of these popular workout machines.

10 Bodyweight Exercises To Melt Lower Back Fat

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5 Best At-Home, No-Equipment Workouts for Women

Maintain your fitness goals from the comfort of home with these no-equipment workouts.