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These Are Ayesha Curry's 6 Weight Loss Secrets

She dropped 35 pounds during quarantine.

Ayesha Curry has always looked stunning. Whether posing in an adorable Curry family photo or solo shot, she is always the main character. But since her 35-pound weight loss during quarantine, Ayesha's showing off a new body…and fans can't stop talking about it.

Recently, the Food Network star blessed us with some sultry bikini photos on Instagram, and even celebs are rushing to the comments. "your body! Wow" wrote Chlöe Bailey, and Tracee Ellis Ross summed it up with, "@ayeshacurry 🔥🔥".

So what did NBA star Steph Curry's wife do to get her bikini bod? We've got the latest secrets into Ayesha Curry's weight loss, so read on to find out.

She squeezed in 10-minute workouts

Ayesha Curry red carpet
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As a mother of young kids, finding the time to work out wasn't always easy for Ayesha. But she was determined to fit exercise into her daily routine: "I went to work finding ways to incorporate healthy habits into my busy schedule, and picked up a few tricks along the way," she wrote in an Instagram caption. One of those ways was "easy 10-minute workouts." Those quick workouts got her body moving, but more importantly, didn't take a huge chunk of time from her day.

She discovered fast, healthy recipes

Ayesha Curry cooking
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Ayesha has always been known for her delicious recipes, but she shifted her focus to nutritious, easy-to-whip-up dishes when she was losing weight. This went hand in hand with her busy schedule—Ayesha needed "fast healthy recipes," she wrote in an Instagram post, to help her choose the right foods.

She'll often make her apricot salmon recipe that's mixed with summer squash, zucchini, and corn. Fish is definitely one of Ayesha's favorites for a quick meal, because she also told Harper's Bazaar that her go-to lunch is: "arugula or spinach salad with a seared protein on the side—some shrimp, or tuna, or seared salmon." Then she drizzles poppy seed dressing, throws in some red onions, and bam—she's got a full, balanced plate.

She focused on portion control

Portion Control for Dieting

While Ayesha certainly thinks about what she's putting in her body, the amount she eats is actually more important to her. "I'm really into portion control over any kind of diet, and try to stick to nourishing, delicious food in moderation. I keep track of the food I'm putting into my body through the Fitbit app on my phone, and the calories toward my daily goal are at a glance on my watch," she told Fitbit.

She exercised her whole body

Ayesha Curry gala
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Ayesha didn't just focus on her arms or core—she worked out all of it. "For me it's all about focusing on different body parts, as I do in some of my favorite workout moves from Premium Summer, like 'Arms-a-gettin Lean' for arms and 'Yes, I ABS-olutely workout!' for abs and core. I do HIIT circuits, too," she told Fitbit. She's also a big fan of Peloton cycling, which works out a bunch of muscles at once.

She worked out at least 5 days a week

Ayesha Curry in the kitchen
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The Food Network star pushed herself to stick to a fitness routine. "I do try to work out at least 5 days a week, whether it's riding my Peloton bike, or doing some sort of Fitbit workout, golfing, paddle boarding. I'm always trying to do something these days," she told Harper's Bazaar. And from a more recent Instagram post, we know that Ayesha has added horseback riding to the list! She posted a photo at the stables with a caption: "I got to borrow Hudson today. Can't wait to be more consistent. I love riding."

She ate a lot of banana chips

Banana chips

Healthy snacking was a priority for Ayesha. Her go-to snack? Banana chips. That's right, some would even call her obsessed: "My family's probably laughing watching this right now because I go through banana chips like crazy," she told Harper's Bazaar in a Food Diaries video. When she's not munching on banana chips, Ayesha shared that she'll reach for carrot sticks or cucumbers.

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