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Steal This Genius Baking Hack For Making Baby Yoda Cookies

The Force is strong with this batch.
a hand pushing an angel cookie cutter into cookie dough to make baby yoda cookies

Welcome to another week where Baby Yoda's galactic domination continues unabated.

The little guy first burst onto the scene during last month's premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, and he quickly captured the collective internet's heart. In the weeks since, he's been immortalized as everything from fan art to love songs to a decadent Starbucks "Secret Menu" Frappuccino. He even had a stint as the official Mayor of Flavortown, courtesy of Guy Fieri.

But now, at the height of the holiday party season, he's taken on a new form: cookies.

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Yes, Baby Yoda is now getting the cookie treatment—and you needn't be a professional baker to make these treats either. As pointed out by the Instagram account @atakturk—who describes herself as an "amateur cook"—if you remove the head from an angel cookie, the resulting silhouette bears a strong resemblance to everyone's favorite Force-sensitive fuzzball:

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No, it's not perfect—but with some carefully applied frosting, you can end up with an uncannily accurate depiction.

For the true baking Jedi out there, you might fare better by forgoing cookie cutters entirely. Noelle Stevenson, the comics author and artist behind the National Book Award-nominated Nimona, came quite close with this hand-crafted version:

This piece of art below, courtesy of Twitter user @joondubu, comes complete with Baby Yoda's signature floating carrier. It's so cute, I almost don't want to eat it:


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