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These 3 Beloved Shake Shack Items Have Vanished From Their Menu

These fan favorites won’t be returning anytime soon.
Shake Shack

Restaurants obviously aren't going back to what they were before the pandemic, even with increased sales despite new safety measures. Beloved burger and milkshake chain Shake Shack is one of these eateries.

The company recently announced they plan to start opening new locations again after halting the efforts earlier this year. One location opened recently in Sacramento, California. Others will follow for the rest of the year but will be less than the company's initial plan of 40 new locations. (Related: 50 Largest Restaurant Chains in America.)

Shake Shack's limited menu was put into place at the beginning of the pandemic to help employees manage a larger-than-normal number of delivery and takeout orders. They plan to keep their limited menu for the time being. This means customers will not be able to order Chicago-style hot dogs and concretes at most locations. New stores opening will also keep the limited menu, but will also not serve chick'n bites.

The move isn't permanent, according to Nation's Restaurant News. So expect to see some things return to Shake Shack's limited menu soon, along with some brand new items like hot chick'n bites and a veggie burger currently being tested at a New York City restaurant and a New Jersey restaurant.

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Other popular fast-food chains have adopted this same strategy after finding out that limited menus don't deter customers. Subway recently got rid of two meat options for sandwiches. Roast beef and rotisserie chicken are making their exit and won't be restocked when current supplies run out. McDonald's is slowly bringing back menu items that were dropped months ago, but some fan favorites aren't on the list — salads being one. And in a more drastic change, they may cut all-day breakfast from restaurants for good.

Expect Shake Shack locations to look different when you dine-in again. Only six people in one party can dine at a time, walk-up windows will be present, and many locations will have self-serving kiosks to order from. For more, check out all of our latest restaurant-related coronavirus coverage.

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