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The Best-Ever Bat Wings Workout To Do With Just Your Body Weight

Tone the arm flab with this productive routine.
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You don't need dumbbells, an exercise ball, or cardio machines in order to get a stellar workout in. As a matter of fact, if you know just the right exercises to tackle, you can have a great sweat session using nothing more than your body weight. That's where we come in with this awesome bat wings workout you can do with—you guessed it—just your body weight. Get ready to tone the arm flab, because these movements are incredibly effective.

What are bat wings?

woman bat wing arms

If you have flabby skin that jiggles on your upper arms, you're dealing with bat wings. This arm flab can be incredibly frustrating—especially when you're wearing sleeveless tops. But don't fret, because with hard work, dedication, and just the right routine on deck, you can tighten up this area of the body.

We chatted with Jessica Aranoff, Certified Personal Trainer and Head Trainer at the ness, who shares with us the best-ever bat wings workout to do with just your body weight. Keep reading to learn the specifics.

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Dance Arms Side Reach

woman jazz hands exercise part of bat wings workout

This Dance Arms Side Reach exercise is as effective as it is fun. To perform it properly, start out by making "jazz hands" with your palms forward. Bring both of your arms to the side of your body at shoulder height or a bit lower, then "squeeze the backs of the arms into your ribs." Repeat the movement with just your right arm, then just your left.

Aranoff explains, "Imagine you can squeeze your arm behind your back every time you pull it in so that your chest stays proud, and pretend that you are trying to hold a piece of paper underneath your armpits every time you pull your arms into your body," adding, "Also, check in that your shoulder blades are sliding down your back and not up to your ears! You're creating resistance within your own body to activate the back and arms, in addition to building good posture."

As if this exercise didn't already sound super appealing, Aranoff says that it's a great one to pair with your favorite song and totally "groove with it" while the beat plays out. She says to count out 16 with both arms, 16 with just the right arm, 16 more with both arms, and then 16 with just the left arm. Continue this pattern until the song wraps up or for around three minutes.

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Alternate Arm Rows in Tabletop Position

fit woman tabletop exercise group fitness class

Once you've danced your way through the first exercise of this bat wings workout, then it's time for Alternative Arm Rows. Assume a tabletop position while keeping your spine neutral. Bring your right palm to the bottom of your ribcage, and point your elbow up toward the sky. Do this same pattern on the other side while keeping your shoulders and hips as even and still as you possibly can.

"Imagine squeezing your shoulder blade in towards your spine each time you drive your elbow up to activate your back," Aranoff says, while noting that you'll want to incorporate a two-second pause with your palm by your ribcage to activate the back of your arm. She suggests performing 10 reps on each side and three times overall.

Tricep Kickback and Pulse

woman stretching arms behind her back

It's time to wrap up this bat wings workout with Tricep Kickbacks, which is an exercise you may already be familiar with. However, this particular version has a little twist thanks to the added pulse.

Begin this movement by hinging forward at your hips while keeping your spine long and flat. Bring both arms backward "as if you're high-fiving the ceiling," and reset them by the sides of your thighs every time. Make sure your arms remain straight when doing this, and squeeze your shoulder blades inward and then back, pushing away from your ears.

With your arms out straight behind you, Aranoff says you can incorporate a pulse. "Imagine lifting your high five hands to the ceiling one centimeter and then back to the original high five position for a small, spicy action," she says, adding, "Keeping the arms extended and lifting them to the ceiling creates a great burnout for our triceps!"

Aim for eight full-range Tricep Kickbacks followed up with 16 pulses. Repeat three times.

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