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20 Healthy-Eating Instagram Accounts That Crushed 2016

Insta-power! These accounts deserve your hearts and double-taps.

We love a good food porn pic, but if your feed is totally filled with donut stacks, cheesy pizza, and ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies, you're only making it harder to stick to your future New Year's resolutions. To train your brain to see how easy healthy eating can be—and score awesome tips in the process—follow accounts that inspire you to take care of yourself by feeding your body nutritious foods it can efficiently use.

From the plant-based diets to Paleo plates, these 20 accounts were so inspiring in 2016 that we've dubbed them must-follows for healthy eating inspo on the reg. Find your new favorite one (or ten) below and then check out these 31 Celebrities with Cookbooks for more culinary inspiration!

Juice Generation

A photo posted by Juice Generation (@juicegeneration) on

You have to be careful with acai bowls—the calories and sugar can add up—but they're also full of good-for-you fats, nutrients, protein, and fiber, if you opt to top your bowl with fresh fruits, seeds, and nut butters like the one pictured above from Juice Generation. Another reason we love this account? The nutrition schooling, like this post on nopal cactus.

Valerie Fidan

A photo posted by valerie ↟ portland ↟ #TIU (@valeriefidan) on

If you think a smoothie is a smoothie is a smoothie, just check out Valerie Fidan's mouthwatering account that puts a new spin on the fiber- and protein-rich beverage. Not only does she use unique healthy ingredients like black sesame seeds and blue-green algae, she finds unique ways to present them beautifully. For some of our favorite smoothies, check out The 25 Best Weight Loss Smoothies!


A photo posted by INSPIRALIZED (@inspiralized) on

They're zoodles like you've never seen them before! If you're trying to cut carbs, check out Inspiralized, which is credited with helping usher in the veggies-over-pasta healthy eating trend.

Wholehearted Eats

A photo posted by Sophie MacKenzie (@wholeheartedeats) on

If you live in Canada (or any cold climate), check out Wholehearted Eats. Food blogger Sophie MacKenzie shares a long list of healthy vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes—most of which are especially great for the cooler weather. Speaking of, don't miss our collection of 18 Stew Recipes for Weight Loss!

Sprouted Kitchen

A photo posted by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on

Sara Forte, the blogger behind Sprouted Kitchen, has mastered the art of the aerial shot. Her feed has plenty of sprouted recipe inspiration, but you'll also put your mandoline to good use.


A photo posted by F-Factor by Tanya Zuckerbrot (@f_factor) on

There's a good reason Tanya Zuckerbrot gets paid five figures to help her clients on their weight loss journeys. She's known for her pro-fiber route to shedding the pounds, which she helps her clients achieve with the help of GG Bran Crispbread, which is a high-fiber, low-calorie cracker. While good for your waistline, they don't taste great, which is why her F-Factor Instagram account comes in handy. She'll help you see the bland cracker in a new light. Just check out the above; no, it's not bagels and lox, but it still looks yummy. For more fiber-rich options, don't miss these 30 Foods With More Fiber Than an Apple.

Our Four Forks

A photo posted by Our Four Forks (@ourfourforks) on

This feed is aptly named Our Four Forks because, if you make any of the recipes on this feed, people will want a bite. All recipes are gluten-free and many are Paleo and vegan. More importantly, they're as visually appealing as they are healthy and delicious. Take the above chocolate tortilla chip pie made with tortilla chip crust, chocolate avocado mousse, and coconut whipped cream, for example. Mmmm.

Clean Food Dirty City

A photo posted by Lily Kunin (@cleanfooddirtycity) on

Easy-to-make, beautifully presented plant-based recipes including salads, bowls, and sweet treats make this a worthy account to follow. Other reasons? If you're looking to up your fresh produce intake or to make lunches you'll actually want to eat, check out Clean Food Dirty City.

Whole Foods

A photo posted by Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) on

Whole Foods changed the way we shop for healthy food, making it easy and accessible. Fittingly, their feed is regularly updated with delicious ways to use all of the fresh foods you can find in their stores. Scope out this list of 20 Surprisingly Cheap Eats from Whole Foods so you know what to scoop up!

Nom Nom Paleo

A photo posted by Snapchat: michitam (@nomnompaleo) on

Michelle Tam is a James Beard Award-nominated author, meaning she values taste as much as she does aesthetics and nutrition—all of which is obvious in her Paleo-friendly feed, Nom Nom Paleo. You won't find acai bowls here, but you will find plenty of appealing meat dishes.

Healthy With Nedi

A photo posted by NEDA VARBANOVA (@healthywithnedi) on

Health expert Neda Varbanova used to work for Tanya Zuckerbrot, so she's fittingly all about fiber in her practice. Her page, however, is mostly focused on healthy recipes. They aren't always simple, but they'll offer great inspiration. She also frequently dines out and highlights healthy options on her feed, Healthy with Nedi.

Vega Team

A photo posted by Vega (@vega_team) on

Vega, founded by professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, Brendan Brazier, is one of the most respected (and widely popular) plant-based nutrition brands. They've got a treasure chest of recipes from the simple to the complex, and they range from smoothies and snacks to full-on meals. This is an especially great feed to follow if you're a vegan/vegetarian athlete.

Leah's Plate

A photo posted by Leah (@leahsplate) on

What's awesome about Leah's Plate is that she often uses niche food brands to make her healthy dishes. She usually photographs these delicious and original foodie finds alongside her finished product on her feed, Leah's Plate. Speaking of niche brands, discover the 15 Reasons People Are Obsessed with Ezekiel Bread!

Show Me Your Eggs

A photo posted by Oliver Baik (@showmeyoureggs) on

For plenty of egg-cellent ideas, check out Show me Your Eggs, which will make you want to eat eggs breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And even if you're on a diet, don't fear the yolk! It's packed with nutrient including antioxidants, biotin, iron, B12 and vitamin A. As for eggs in general, they have all the essential amino acids, which is why they're such a great protein source. Ready to get crackin'? First find out the 26 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Carton of Eggs!

Be Fit Foods

A photo posted by @befitfoods on

Nutritionists often say you can tell the difference between hunger and a craving by asking yourself, "Would I eat an apple?" If the answer is no, you're probably not hungry. Well, unless you've been looking at the Be Fit Foods feed, which makes fruit plates look as appealing as a fudgy chocolate sundae.

Detox Water

A photo posted by Detox Water (@detoxwater) on

Water is essential for general health, well-being, and elimination not to mention weight loss since people often confuse thirst with hunger. One of the worst things you can do is opt for sugary juices, sodas, or even supermarket waters, which are usually loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Instead, infuse your own water for a low calorie, refreshingly healthy option. Detox Water will inspire you to do just that.

Athletic Avocado

A photo posted by Athletic Avocado (@athleticavocado) on

It isn't easy to cut calories and blast fat when you have a sweet tooth. Identical twin sisters Bethany and Rachel make the seemingly impossible possible with their innovative recipes like these maple-glazed banana donuts. Check this out and a lot more on their feed, Athletic Avocado.

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I Quit Sugar

A photo posted by I Quit Sugar (@iquitsugar) on

If your goal for 2017 is to quit sugar, check out I Quit Sugar. This Insta feed showcases recipes and tips for low-sugar living. And no, that doesn't mean this feed is a sad mix of salad pictures; it's full of everything from bright, vibrant recipes to delicious desserts like the lentil brownies pictured above!


A photo posted by F O O D D E C O (@fooddeco) on

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and choosing a healthy dish instead of processed junk is a little bit of appealing presentation. Food Deco is all about styling food to make even healthy dishes look appetizing. Sounds, er, looks good to us!

Loni Jane

A photo posted by Loni Jane (@lonijane) on

Check out Loni Jane for raw-vegan fare, as well as some healthy, child-friendly options. After suffering from food issues in her twenties, the mother of two focused on healthy eating habits (she also wrote a book, Feel the Lean) and her feed is full of plant-based, organic options.