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8 Best New Hot Sauces to Try Right Now

All kinds of new tongue-tingling varieties are now available—not all are face-melting hot, either.
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Hot sauce is having a moment lately. Google searches for the spicy condiment have been steadily rising in popularity since 2004. Fans have been celebrating National Hot Sauce Day on Jan. 22 since 1996. And, according to Fortune Business Insights, the global hot sauce market is expected to grow to more than $5 billion by 2030.

But why do people like hot sauce so much? There's actually a scientific reason, and it comes down to endorphins, the pleasure-causing hormone.

Here's what happens in the body when you chow down on super spicy hot wings: capsaicin, the chemical component in chili peppers, produces a burning sensation that tricks the body into thinking you're in pain. The body then releases endorphins, which creates what's essentially a feel-good high.

Our bodies also release adrenaline. Much like riding a roller coaster or jumping out of a plane, eating spicy food is a type of thrill-seeking that elicits heart-thumping excitement all from the comfort of your kitchen table. Talk about cheap thrills.

And so, with that science lesson behind us, here are eight new hot sauces to try right now. The best part? There's not one boring one in the bunch.

7 Best Bottled Hot Sauces, According to Chefs

Grillo's Pickles Hot Sauce

newks grillos pickles hot sauce
Courtesy of Newk's

Love pickles? Love hot sauce? Today is your lucky day. The company behind the beloved pickle brand is teaming up with Newks Hot Sauce to bring pickle lovers a new limited edition hot sauce. At your next barbecue, forgo your tired relish and opt for this hot sauce with flavors of dill, garlic, jalapeños, and Grillo's pickles. It's mild, so it'll go well with cookout staples like hot dogs, hamburgers, or even salads. Snag it at select retailers in Maine, Oregon, and Washington, or order it online from Newks.

Masala Madness

daves gourmet masala madness
Dave's Gourmet

From Dave's Gourmet, Masala Madness is a unique addition to your hot sauce collection. Inspired by the West Indies with a nod to India, the fiery sauce notably features notes of curry. Scotch Bonnet Pepper is one of the main ingredients, and it's described as "very hot"–so be prepared! Try it with roasted veggies like zucchini or sweet potatoes, or as a savory marinade for chicken or beef. You're going to want to keep this one grill-side!

Huli Huli Sauce

poi dog huli huli hot sauce
Poi Dog

When the pandemic shuttered Philly's beloved Poi Dog restaurant, chef Kiki Aranita got to work creating her very own hot sauce inspired by the tastes of Hawaii. Poi Dog's signature Chili Peppah Water came first, and this past April, a second hot sauce was added to the line up. Huli Huli Sauce features sweet pineapple, savory miso, and Chinese five spice, making it a perfect addition to any summer cookout. Marinated chicken and veggies, anyone? You can find this at select retailers in certain states, or you can just order it online!

Tingly Ted's

tingly ted's hot sauce
Tingly Ted's

Pop star Ed Sheeran likes hot sauce–a lot. The self-proclaimed hot sauce fanatic has even gone so far as to create his own. Tingly Ted's is a collaboration between Sheeran and Heinz, and it's available for pre-order now for people in the United States and Canada before it hits supermarket shelves. Recent ad campaigns feature Sheeran himself passing out bottles of his signature Tingly Sauce and the Xtra Tingly variety. Expect a freshness from lemon and a smokiness from the chilies!

Mini White Truffle Hot Sauce

truff mini white truffle hot sauce

How adorable is this mini bottle of hot sauce from Truff? Clocking in at just 1.5 ounces, these truffle-infused minis are the perfect size for carry-ons, handbags, or meals on the go. With ripe chili peppers, agave nectar, white truffle, and a hint of coriander, it's no wonder this TikTok-famous brand has earned celeb endorsements from the likes of reality TV star Kris Jenner and chef Bobby Flay. This version just launched nationwide in Whole Foods this month, but you can also order it online.

Resilience Hot Sauce

cantina royale
Cantina Royale

This hot sauce from Cantina Royal was launched as a limited-edition collaboration last year, but people loved it so much that the company opted to make it part of its regular line up. Resilience Hot Sauce, now available year-round, features a "soft heat" with turmeric, tarragon, and habanero. It's described as bright, fresh, and earthy with notes of ginger, lemon, and a touch of maple, making it a perfect sauce to drizzle on leafy greens or a quinoa bowl.

Ujjo Sweeter Hot Sauce

Ujjo Sweeter Hot Sauce

Wanna kick up your coffee a few notches? You probably haven't tried this one yet. Ujjo is the first hot sauce formulated specifically for drinks, including your morning coffee. It took more than 70 tries to get Ujjo's original Sweeter Hot Sauce just right, which features spices like cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla. (There's also their zingy Spicier Hot Sauce, which brings the heat with ginger, cayenne, and a hint of citrus.) The company says you can use these to flavor your lattes and mochas, as a glaze for roasted veggies, or to drizzle atop breakfast tacos or ice cream. Really!

Sweet & Spicy Sauce

tabasco sweet spicy

If you like your hot sauce on the sweeter side, Tabasco's mildest hot sauce may fit the bill. An approachable choice for those who love a little something extra on chicken nuggets, pizza, or fish tacos, this Sweet & Spicy variety is a great balance of both. Expect hints of ginger, pear, and garlic, and a new convenient squeezy format that just launched last year. While it's not particularly spicy, it packs a ton of flavor and it's a versatile addition to your kitchen.

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