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The Best Walmart Foods of 2020

The year wasn't all bad!

Walmart is the go-to grocery store for countless Americans, and the chain is always adding new products to its shelves. While you'll find grocery staples like coffee, fresh produce, and meat at the store, Walmart's offerings go way beyond that. This year alone, the chain has started carrying everything from lower-sugar yogurt bars to everything croissants.

Here are some of our favorite new Walmart foods of 2020.

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LonoLife All Natural Thai Curry Bone Broth

package of bone broth powder

Per 1 stick pack (14 g): 50 calories, 1 g fat (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 410 mg sodium, <1 g carbs (0 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 10 g protein

Bone broth in a powder? Yep, it exists! All you need to do is add hot water to make a delicious cup of bone broth, no matter where you are.

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Clio Less Sugar Yogurt Bars

two boxes of clio less sugar yogurt bars
Courtesy of Clio
Per 1 bar (50 g): 100 calories, 7 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 31 mg sodium, 10 g carbs (0 g fiber, 1 g sugar), 8 g protein

Clio's Greek yogurt bars are a tasty way to add a bit of sweetness to your snack routine. They taste like chocolate-covered cheesecake! But if you want something that's not quite as sweet, go for Clio's less-sugar options, available in peach and mixed berry flavors. They launched at Walmart this year and will be at Whole Foods in 2021.

Kind Energy Bars

kind energy bars
Courtesy of KIND
Per 1 chocolate chunk bar (60 g): 250 calories, 10 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 190 mg sodium, 32 g carbs (5 g fiber, 13 g sugar), 10 g protein

If you're looking for something on-the-go that's more substantial than Kind's regular snack bars, check out the new energy bars, which launched this year. Available in chocolate chunk, peanut butter, and dark chocolate peanut butter, these bars list oats as the first ingredient.

BetterBody Foods Oat Flour

betterbody oat flour canister

Per 1/4 cup (30 g): 120 calories, 2 g fat (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 0 mg sodium, 22 g carbs (3 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 3 g protein

BetterBody launched this oat flour this year, and it's available at Walmart, among other retailers. Whether you're gluten-free or just cutting back on the stuff, this is a great option for all your baking needs.

Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns

strong roots frozen cauliflower hash browns

Per 2 hash browns (80 g): 160 calories, 9 g fat (1 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 260 mg sodium, 19 g carbs (2 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 2 g protein

These frozen, cauliflower-based hash browns hit Walmart this year. You'll get all the taste of that crispy breakfast deliciousness, minus the potatoes.

Siggis Vanilla Yogurt Tubs

Siggi's vanilla icelandic style skyr yogurt
Per 150 g: 110 calories, 0 g fat, 55 mg sodium, 12 g carbs (0 g fiber, 9 g sugar), 15 g protein

Now that many of us are working from home, there's less need for single-serve items like yogurt. If you want to be less wasteful when you're eating at home, try a tub of Siggi's yogurt. The brand launched yogurt available in larger-serving formats this year, and there are both plain and vanilla options.

Great Value Pesto Spirals

container of frozen great value pesto spirals

Per 3/4 cup (105 g): 110 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 250 mg sodium, 5 g carbs (2 g fiber, 3 g sugar), 4 g protein

These frozen carrot and zucchini spirals hit Walmart shelves this year, according to The Kitchn. Not having to spiralize everything ourselves? Sign us up!

Devanco Foods Beef Bacon

box of devanco beef bacon

Per 1 oz: 70 calories, 5 g fat (2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 190 mg sodium, 0 g carbs (0 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 4 g protein

"Barbecue" can mean pork or beef. So why can't "bacon"? That's what companies like Devanco Foods banked on when they launched beef bacon, which is available at Walmart. You have to try it to believe it!

Kodiak Cakes Thick & Fluffy Power Waffles

box of kodiak cakes homestyle power waffles

Per 1 waffle (70 g): 240 calories, 11 g fat (1 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 270 mg sodium, 24 g carbs (2 g fiber, 7 g sugar), 10 g protein

Kodiak Cakes redid its frozen waffle recipe this year, and they're better than ever. Each vanilla waffle is packed with 10 grams of protein so you can start your day on the right foot.

Great Value Cotton Candy Grape Juice Cocktail

great value cotton candy grape juice cocktail

Per 8 fl oz (240 mL): 80 calories, 0 g fat, 35 mg sodium, 20 g carbs (0 g fiber, 17 g sugar), 0 g protein

Cotton candy grapes are a seasonal phenomenon among fruit lovers. This year, Walmart upped its game by offering this cotton candy grape juice cocktail, perfect for mixed drinks that utilize the sweeter grape variety.

Bubly Sparkling Water

Bubly sparkling water

Per 12 fl oz (360 mL): 0 calories, 0 g fat, 0 mg sodium, 0 g carbs (0 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 0 g protein

Bubly's take on fruit-flavored seltzer isn't new, but it is new to Walmart, according to's "new food items" section. Choose from flavors like grapefruit, cherry, lime, and orange.

Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs

case of frankford hot chocolate bombs

Per 1 package (45 g): 230 calories, 12 g fat (7 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 25 g sodium, 29 g carbs (<1 g fiber, 27 g sugar), 2 g protein

Hot chocolate bombs were all the rage this year, and Frankford says its offering was the original one. They were sold at Walmart, CVS, Safeway, and other retailers during the holiday season, but good luck finding them in stores now, as they were super popular.

Everything Croissants

walmart everything croissants

Per 1 croissant (45 g): 190 calories, 10 g fat (6 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 210 mg sodium, 20 g carbs (1 g fiber, 3 g sugar), 4 g protein

The everything bagel seasoning craze is still going strong, and it's being used on way more than just bagels. Everything croissants may sound odd, but the flavor pairing really works.

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