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The Best Food Jokes on The Big Bang Theory

Cuisine trends and scenes, captured!

Knock, knock, knock Penny. Knock, knock, knock Penny. Knock, knock, knock Penny.

If you're an avid watcher of The Big Bang Theory, then you know this is one of Sheldon Cooper's multitude of quirky yet catchy phrases that makes the show so famous. Debuting on television on September 24, 2007, The Big Bang Theory just recently finished its ninth season and is in the midst of wrapping up filming its tenth. No matter how many new characters or star guests join the cast, one thing always remains the same: Their choice of cuisine. Check out the patterns and best food moments here! And for more hilarious TV highlights, don't miss these 35 Funniest Food Moments from "Friends"!

First, the Trends…

Monday = Thai Takeout

Every Monday night in Apartment 4A, Sheldon, and Leonard host Thai Takeout night. Sheldon, being the pickiest eater of the group, remains loyal to his order of mie krob and chicken satay with extra peanut sauce from Siam Palace. He never, however, eats with chopsticks because he says in Thailand they use forks, but don't proceed to put the fork in the mouth. Rather, it's merely a tool to help put the food on the spoon and then goes into the mouth. Oh, Sheldon.

For a list of the best and worst takeout foods read up on, Eat This, Not That! For Takeout Addicts!

Tuesday = Cheesecake Factory

Tuesday evening is devoted to burgers. This weekly splurge originally took place at Bob's Big Boy, but then switched to Cheesecake Factory where Penny (the sole female protagonist for the first three seasons) waitresses while she waits for her acting career to launch. Season two is when Penny masters each one of the boys' orders. It took her a whole season to memorize? Who knows, but one thing we do know is that each member of this nerdy gang has some type of diet restriction—or, in Sheldon's case, a request.

•Leonard (lactose-intolerant): quesadilla with soy cheese
•Howard (only eats Kosher on the high holidays): Shrimp caesar salad with no almonds
•Raj (Hindu): Meat lover's pizza with no meat
•Sheldon (picky, just so picky): BBQ bacon cheeseburger, but the BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese have to come on the side

Wednesday = Halo and Junk Food

During the day, Sheldon declares Wednesday is new comic book day in addition to creamy tomato soup day, which he retrieves from the Souplantation. More importantly, the evening is dedicated to playing Halo at 8 p.m. sharp, otherwise Sheldon becomes irritated and counts the minutes that pass. This tradition is accompanied by a plethora of junk food likes chips and soda in addition to a pizza break.

Thursday = Pizza

Speaking of pizza, that's the food of choice for Thursday evenings. The gang orders a breadth of pizza and salad from Franconi's pizza, well, until it went out of business. Recent episodes have revealed they order from Giacomo's now, which Sheldon gets with sausage, mushrooms, and light olives.

Friday = Vintage Video Games and Chinese Food

The gang sure loves their dumplings, which Sheldon insists be split evenly among everyone. Something else he demands? His chicken and broccoli order must be diced, not shredded, with brown rice, not white, hot mustard must be purchased from the Korean grocery and low sodium soy sauce from the market. This scene is too funny to pass up; watch the moment here.

Saturday = Cereal & Dr. Who

Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper B.S. M.S. M.A. Ph.D. Sc.D. has a strict menu for his Saturday mornings. Here is one of his famous quotes: "Every Saturday morning since we've lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15 a.m., poured myself a bowl of cereal, added a quarter cup of 2% milk, sat on that end of that couch, turned on BBC America and watched Doctor Who." Oh and he also sorts his cereal boxes numerically by their fiber content.

Sunday = Farmers' Market

There aren't really any go-to meals on Sundays, but this is a funny tidbit of information that's worth mentioning: In season 3, episode 4 The Pirate Solution, Howard surprises Leonard and Penny by bursting through the door. Leonard asks what he's doing there and Howard responds with:

"Well, usually, on Sundays, I go with Raj to scam on hippie chicks at the farmers market, but he's still working with Sheldon, so I thought I'd come over here and make you guys scrambled eggs and salami. It's the perfect meal for apres l'amour."

So much for going to the farmers market to buy a fresh bundle of kale.

Now the Moments…

The Hamburger Postulate

Season 1: Episode 5

This is a monumental episode because it symbolizes the inception of the Tuesday evening Cheesecake Factory tradition. The opening scene kicks off the show on a high-energy note with the boys recreating The Battle of Gettysburg at the table. When Penny comes around to take their order, they completely ignore her and continue to reenact a nerdier version of the feud. Penny leaves for a moment and then comes back and says that if they don't order that instant, they have to leave and never come back.

The Dumpling Paradox

Season 1: Episode 7

The biggest mistake this waiter made was asking what the boys wanted to eat. This is where Sheldon's dining quirks truly become prevalent. Howard is busy having an affair with Penny's "friend" from her hometown of Nebraska, so he is not able to attend and that sets the group dynamic off. In Sheldon's opinion, that is. Check out the scene below. Side note: Wolowitz is Howard's last name!

Sheldon: I'm sorry, we cannot do this without Wolowitz.
Leonard: We can't order Chinese food without Wolowitz?
Sheldon: Let me walk you through it. Our standard is, the steamed dumpling appetizer, General Tso's chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp with lobster sauce and vegetable lo-mein. Do you see the problem?
Leonard: I see a problem.
Sheldon: Our entire order is predicated on four dumplings and four entrees divided among four people.
Leonard: So, we'll just order three entrees.
Sheldon: Fine. What do you want to eliminate? And who gets the extra dumpling?
Raj: We could cut it into thirds.
Sheldon: Then it is no longer a dumpling. Once you cut it open it is at best a very small open faced sandwich.

I don't know why Sheldon's so hell-bent on one dumpling. If it were me, I would spend more time arguing about the fact that there isn't any salmon in this order. The meal is lacking omega-3 fatty acids!

The Panty Piñata Polarization

Season 2: Episode 7

This episode features excessive bantering between Sheldon and Penny and their attempts to get back at one another are well executed. It all begins with Penny snatching an onion ring from Sheldon's dinner box. The boys know not to touch Sheldon's food, but Penny learns her lesson the hard way. After much bickering, Sheldon "banishes" her from the apartment and so the war between the two ignites. Penny refuses to give Sheldon service at the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon makes a complaint to Penny's boss so then she ends up giving him service only after she touches his food. The events that happen thereafter are equally as hilarious, so it's definitely worth a watch!

The Gothowitz Deviation

Season 3: Episode 3

Monday is Sheldon's oatmeal day, so when Penny whips up a beautiful display of french toast for breakfast, Sheldon throws a fit. After bantering back and forth, Leonard and Penny exit the room where Sheldon is left with a warm plate of french toast in his hands. He studies it and says, "It does smell good, but it's oatmeal day," and throws it in the trash.

The Gothowitz Deviation: Part 2!

Season 3: Episode 3

This episode is one that psychology fans will thoroughly enjoy. Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon all sit around the coffee table watching an anime cartoon and Sheldon gets annoyed at hearing Penny ramble on about how she once knew a girl named Anna Mae in Nebraska. Cue Sheldon, as his plan to conduct operant-conditioning on Penny through rewarding her with chocolate prevails. Now, anytime she obeys Sheldon's subtle request for her to stop chatting, she gets a little ball of chocolate.

Watch the hysterical moment here.

The Spaghetti Catalyst

Season 3: Episode 20

This is the well-known episode where Sheldon is practically the child of both Penny and Leonard—and since they separated, he doesn't want to take sides, so he eats with the both of them. This is a great scene where Sheldon tries to make "polite dinner talk" over slurping down noodles. His horrid perception of social cues truly shines in this scene as he gives away Leonard's manhood by informing Penny that he's been crying about her.

Watch the moment here.

The Pulled Groin Extrapolation

Season 5: Episode 3

It's obviously a Monday during this episode because they are diving into some tasty takeout. Sheldon, having a lot of knowledge on Thai cuisine and no filter to match, makes this opening scene a memorable food moment.

Leonard: Who wants the last dumpling?
Penny: Ooh, me.
Sheldon: Penny, a moment. We just had Thai food. In that culture, the last morsel is called the Krengjai piece, and it's reserved for the most important and valued member of the group.
Penny: Thank you all for this high honor.
Sheldon: I've seen pictures of your mother, keep eating.

Watch the moment here.

The Weekend Vortex

Season 5: Episode 19

This episode certainly causes drama to stir between all seven cast members. Sheldon decides to ditch Amy's 93-year-old aunt's birthday and instead, goes for Raj's idea of a Star Wars video game and junk food marathon. Eat This! really doesn't approve of their food selection because look at the way all of that junk should make them feel. (Sluggish and lethargic. Yuck! For more food endeavors to avoid, read up on 40 Habits That Make You Sick and Fat.)

The Monster Isolation

Season 6: Episode 17

This episode is one to highlight because Raj (the quietest character among the bunch) has quite a few major scenes where his lines dominate the rest of the cast's. This scene, in particular, features him in his underwear, eating his feelings away because of a girl. He says, "I don't want anything to do with any woman, my heart is stone. From now on I'm a monk, I renounce all worldly pleasures…except for lobster. And garlic butter." Raj better watch himself, because eating your feelings is one of the 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter.

Watch the moment here.

The Cooper Extraction

Season 7: Episode 11

It's Christmas time and Sheldon is at home with his family. While he is away, the gang is pondering the idea of not having Sheldon in their lives. They make fun of some of his quirky mannerisms and then Amy (who is madly in love with Sheldon) interjects and says that none of them would be together right now if it were not for him. Many connections are made through reminiscing memories and then, one of the best food scenes occurs. Leonard and Raj are roommates; they are both very fat because they both couldn't get girlfriends and cope by overeating.

The Table Polarization

Season 7: Episode 16

It must be Friday in this episode because the gang is munching on Chinese takeout, which by the way, can be healthy. Check out What 8 Diet Experts Order at Chinese Restaurants for tips on ordering healthier options. Anyway, back to TBBT! The food sets the scene right off the bat in this episode, which is about finally adding a dinner table into apartment 4A (instead of all huddling over a cramped coffee table). This, of course, requires change—which Sheldon is against—but he is overridden, and one is added to the famous living room set.

The Left-Over-Thermalization

Season 8: Episode 18

This episode is actually a tear jerker and the food scene makes it emotional. Howard's mother just died and the transformer at her house blew up, which means no electricity and the food in the refrigerator will spoil. The camera actually captures Howard staring at a spoiling bucket of one of his mother's best soup recipes: Matzah balls. He decides to cook everything in the fridge and announces that Mrs. Wolowitz is going to feed everyone one last time.

The Platonic Permutation

Season 9: Episode 9

'Tis the season of giving! It's Thanksgiving and a majority of the gang is working at a soup kitchen. Unfortunately, Howard gets stuck doing the dishes instead of serving people, and this picture snapshots his emotions perfectly, portraying his classic look of disbelief.

The Viewing Party Combustion

Season 9: Episode 21

First of all, if the picture doesn't reel you in, maybe the description will. If you've made it through this many seasons of The Big Bang Theory, then you know all of the secrets and innuendos to the show, one of them being Sheldon's quarterly roommate agreement meetings. Before all of the chaos begins, the gang is trying to prepare for a Game of Thrones viewing party and Leonard has ordered a gigantic party sub for the occasion. The biggest takeaway from this episode? Penny and Sheldon—once each other's nemesis—are now becoming closer; how sweet is that? And, oh yeah, Bazinga!

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