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This Popular Burger Chain Now Has Robots Cooking Your Food

Meet the newest (non-human) member of the team at one fast-food restaurant.

There could be a new employee behind the counter at your favorite fast-food restaurant soon. Technology is constantly being updated, and one new creation is already being tested at some White Castle locations.

Many grocery stores are already using new technology and robots to scan shelves to see which need to be restocked. This keeps fewer employees out on the floor and is much safer, especially in coronavirus times.

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The robot at White Castle is not responsible for scanning or stocking, but makes french fries! The large robotic arm uses artificial intelligence to catch dispensed uncooked fries and then drop the baskets into oil for frying, according to WBBJ in Jackson, Tennessee. It even gives them a little shake every so often to make sure they are all evenly dispersed. No human is interaction needed during the cooking process, allowing for employees to social distance more efficiently.

Miso Robotics is responsible for creating the machine, and similar robots cooking other foods. Soon the burger chain will get another one that makes burgers — this one is named Flippy, says USA Today.

"The deployment will put autonomous frying to work for enhanced production speeds, improved labor allocation and an added layer of health and safety in the cooking process," White Castle said in a statement.

White Castle says employees won't be replaced just because there are robots cooking. There are more cleaning and safety requirements than ever, and robots making food mean human employees can take care of other things like taking orders, delivering, and cleaning.

Flippy has already been tested at another burger chain in California, too (reports say it was slow). It also made an appearance in 2018 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to flip chicken nuggets and tater tots.

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