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Burger King Launches New Monstrous, Meatless Cheeseburger

The cheesy creation is currently available in Thailand.

Fast-food chains are always trying to find creative or even shocking new ways to reinvent the classic burger. But Burger King's newest version might be one of the most outrageous fast-food creations in recent years.

The burger slinger debuted a brand-new Super Cheeseburger in Thailand this week, but the novelty is making worldwide headlines. Why? Because the burger includes a whopping 20 slices of cheese . . . and absolutely nothing else.

"The real one, real cheese, full of flavor for those who love cheese," says the item's description on the Burger King website.

When ordered as is, the cheeseburger doesn't even come with a beef patty or any veggies or condiments to offset all that dairy richness, though there's nothing stopping customers from adding some of that stuff back in and customizing their order. However, the cheeseburger looks a lot less gooey than expected. With 20 barely-melted slices of what looks like American cheese piled neatly on top of each other, the gooeyness you'd expect from a cheese sandwich just isn't there.

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Burger King Super Cheeseburger
Burger King Thailand

The sandwich launched on July 11 and will only be sold through July 13. Numerous TikTokers in Thailand have already flocked to their local Burger King restaurants to sample and judge the burger.


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So far, some reviewers haven't been too pleased with the monstrous invention. TikToker @lymanmcgarry93 called it an "abomination." Another food reviewer on TikTok, @lizazzayoga, said it tasted "a bit weird." But if any Burger King customers in Thailand happen to be major fans of processed cheese, the Super Cheeseburger might just be a dream come true.

This meatless burger might be causing one of the biggest stirs for Burger King since its ill-fated A1 Halloween Whopper. The sandwich launched in the United States as a limited-time item around Halloween in 2015. It featured a black bun infused with A1 sauce flavors, but that eye-popping bun turned out to be the burger's biggest downfall. People who consumed the burger reported that it turned their stool green, a change that experts blamed on all the dyes in the bun.

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