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Fast-Growing Burrito Chain Plans to Open 750 Restaurants In the U.S.

A Canadian Tex-Mex chain is planning on taking America by storm.

The more burritos, the better! And one super-fast-growing chain is trying to bring burritos to the masses via a huge expansion.

Burritobar, a Toronto-based Tex-Mex chain that offers classics like burritos, tacos, and bowls, just announced a franchise agreement with U.S. partners in New Jersey, planning for 93 new franchised restaurants across the state within the next two decades. The new agreement follows similar franchise plans in Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, North Texas, Illinois, and Ohio, totaling 750 Burritobar restaurants planned for openning in the United States in the near future.

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"Burritobar is witnessing explosive growth in the U.S. market and our accelerated franchise program has been delivering remarkable results," Jeff Young, Chief Development Officer at Burritobar said in a statement. "Our compelling and lucrative revenue-sharing Master Franchise model is a vital platform to the brand's overall international development strategy. The growth potential for the brand in the US market is enormous and today's announcement marks a historic milestone for the brand as we now have commitments for 750 restaurants under contract throughout the Nation."

Known as BarBurrito in Canada, the chain first opened in Toronto in 2015, quickly becoming a go-to for fast-casual Tex-Mex food across Canada. With 325 restaurants, the brand is Canada's fastest-growing Mexican food franchise. In 2020, BarBurrito changed its name to Burritobar for its debut in the American market, with new franchise agreements opening two locations in Michigan and one in Delaware.

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Burritobar's menu is reminiscent of other fast-casual Mexican American chains. It offers burritos, bowls, street tacos, and quesadillas made to order, with a range of proteins including crunchy chicken, bang bang shrimp, carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo, jerk chicken, steak, ground Beyond Meat, and more. Fillings include rice, black beans, pinto beans, cheese, fajita veggies, red salsa, green salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, corn, pickled jalapeño, and more. Guacamole is $1 extra, of course. Additional sauces include a signature hot sauce, spicy buffalo, a mayo-based burrito sauce, chipotle BBQ, and beyond.

The Burritobar menu also includes sides like churros and extreme fries or extreme chips, loaded with a choice of protein, queso, and fresh veggies. The menu is comparable in Canada, with the addition of falafel as another protein option. To drink, guests can choose from typical Coca-Cola fountain beverages plus bottles of Jarritos in various flavors. Catering and party packs are also available, and vegetarians and gluten-sensitive diners can be accommodated.

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