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Articles by Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

McDonald's sign
McDonald's Grimace Birthday Meal--including a purple milkshake, McNuggets, Big Mac, and toy--set against a colorful background
McDonald's Hugely Popular $5 Meal Deal Could Return Soon
Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts
An array of Trader Joe's brand cereals against a colorful background
Young woman recording her vlog
Panera Bread
Your friendly neighborhood grocer Trader Joe's
Take & bake pizza taste test
lasagna soup
Trader Joe's
kirkland signature costco bakery
Costco exterior
sam's club sign
Costco exterior
KFC sign
Costco storefront
Jack in the Box
Costco exterior
Costco logo
Costco exterior
kit kat chocolate frosted donut package displayed beside a real donut and the candy
starbucks reusable red cup
kroger's freshgiving basket
Trader Joe's store
Costco bakery section
In-N-Out burgers
kfc fried chicken sandwich
denny's holiday turkey dinner bundle
Outback Steakhouse