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We Tried the Carl's Jr. Beyond Burger. Here's Our Review.

The plant-based burgers were surprisingly meat-like.

Being both a vegetarian and a fast-food lover, I jump at the chance to try any meatless, plant-based burger. I often crave the Impossible Whopper at Burger King, but burgers like the White Castle Impossible Slider haven't quite hit the spot. So, when I learned there is now a Beyond Burger at Carl's Jr., I have to admit I didn't have high hopes. The fast-food chain has never been my go-to, but I was excited to give it a shot nonetheless.

Here's exactly what I thought about the newest plant-based burger to hit the market.

What are the Beyond Burger options at Carl's Jr.?

carls jr beyond burgers and regular burger
Rebecca Rovenstine / Eat This, Not That!

There are two plant-based burgers at the fast-food chain: the Beyond Famous Star burger and the Beyond BBQ cheeseburger. I ordered both, as well as the original Famous Star Burger with cheese so my meat-eating friend could compare the meat and meatless burgers. The price tag was a little more than I had expected for a fast-food restaurant—$27 for all three and two small drinks—but this was likely due to the additional $2 upcharge for Beyond Burgers.

How does the Carl's Jr. Beyond Burger taste?

carls jr beyond burger
Rebecca Rovenstine / Eat This, Not That!

We started with the Beyond Famous Star Burger. I took my first bite and instantly loved it. I'm more familiar with the Impossible Burger, but the Beyond Burger is similar in taste and texture. (My carnivore friend ate the regular Famous Star Burger at the same time as the Beyond version and noticed there wasn't quite the same depth of flavor between the two, but she also said if she hadn't eaten them back-to-back, she might not have known the difference.)

Carl's Jr. charbroils the patties, which gives the "meat" a more complex flavor. However, the majority of the flavor comes from the pickles, onions, and special sauce. The texture from the Beyond Burger and the crunch from the vegetables combine into a pretty good fast-food burger bite. Overall, it tasted like a real burger, which is only a problem in that I will now crave it.

The easy way to make healthier comfort foods.

What about the BBQ Beyond Cheeseburger?

carls jr bbq beyond burger
Rebecca Rovenstine / Eat This, Not That!

Despite the Beyond Famous Star Burger's appeal, the BBQ Beyond Cheeseburger was quite a letdown after the Beyond Famous Star Burger. The BBQ sauce was a little too sweet, and the onion rings were hard and overly chewy compared to all other components of the burger. It was a heavy burger with no vegetables or acidity to balance it.

I don't think the reason I disliked the burger was that it was a Beyond Burger, but rather it was a burger I wouldn't have liked even if it were real meat. If you've enjoyed the Carl's Jr. BBQ Cheeseburger in the past, the BBQ Beyond Cheeseburger would probably be a good choice.

Final verdict

While I won't be eating the BBQ Beyond Cheeseburger again, I'll definitely eat the Beyond Famous Star Burger again (maybe with some Froot Loops Mini Donuts for dessert next time). The problem is now I am left with the dilemma of picking between the Impossible Whopper or the Beyond Famous Star Burger. It's almost like I'm an omnivore with multiple plant-based fast-food options, and I won't complain about that!

Rebecca Rovenstine
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