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Where Fast Food is Cheapest in America Right Now—and Where It's Not

A new study reveals large food price discrepancies across the United States.

Fast-food chains are no strangers to customer scrutiny and have continued to cause frustrations over rising menu prices. However, depending on where you are in the United States, the price of your Big Mac or fried chicken sandwich could vary greatly.

Online coupon platform BravoDeal recently shared a study that revealed the states where fast food is least and most expensive. The study looked at the average price of iconic menu items at four major chains: McDonald's Big Mac, Domino's medium cheese pizza, Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwich, and Taco Bell's combo meal. BravoDeal then scored the average cost of each item, averaged them, and created a final ranking.

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Three southern states were the cheapest locations for fast food, with Mississippi earning the top spot as the cheapest place to eat out. The study found that the state was home to the least expensive Big Mac, at an average price of $3.91. Mississippi also had the lowest Chick-fil-A prices, selling the chain's chicken sandwich at an average price of $2.99.

Following Mississippi was Arkansas, where the average price for a Big Mac was $3.95. Alabama took the third spot, with Taco Bell combo meals at an average price of $5.79. According to BravoDeal, the national average of this menu item is $6.40, which is 9.5% more than the average Arkansas offering.

bravodeal least expensive fast food chart

Looking at the most expensive states, the study pinpointed Hawaii as the costliest across all four popular menu items. The state is home to a Domino's medium cheese pizza for an average price of $18.99, a Big Mac for $5.31, a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich for $4.06, and a Taco Bell combo meal for $7.70.

New York was the runner-up, offering the second-highest prices for McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell. However, a Domino's medium cheese pizza was more reasonably priced at $14.49, only 3.22% more than the national average.

bravodeal most expensive fast food chart

New Jersey was the third most expensive state, followed by California. The West Coast state has been making headlines for its rising menu prices after increasing the minimum wage from $16 to $20 per hour for fast-food workers

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"Hawaii's position as the most expensive state comes as no surprise, given its remote island location, which drives up the costs of goods due to transportation expenses," said Marco Farnararo, CEO and co-founder of Bravo Savings Network. "However, what's really interesting is the variety of price ranges we see elsewhere. From wallet-friendly Mississippi to the slightly more expensive areas such as California and New York, it's eye-opening for anyone who loves a quick takeaway."

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