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Costco Shoppers Have Major Complaints About This Fresh Produce: 'Never Again'

Some have stopped buying this item from Costco altogether.

If there's one type of Costco product that frequently garners major customer complaints, it's the fresh fruits and veggies. Members have been criticizing the quality of the retailer's fresh produce for years, and Costco just received a fresh wave of flak for one issue-plagued item: avocados.

A shopper set off this outpouring of disdain when they took to Reddit this week to share a picture of several severely spoiled Costco avocados. 

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"Avocados nearly broke my wife's spirit. Never seen them like that before," the shopper captioned the picture. "It's like getting coal for Christmas."

The post quickly racked up nearly 250 comments from other shoppers who aired similar complaints about the fresh produce item. They reported that Costco's avocados will consistently go from underripe to spoiled in the blink of an eye, rendering them completely inedible.

"Mine were like this. Threw [the] whole bag out. NEVER AGAIN," one shopper commented.

"I have had terrible luck with the Costco avocados and refuse to buy them. They seem to go from rock hard to completely moldy with no stage in between. Even the usual trick of ripening them in a paper bag doesn't seem to work for Costco avocados. I don't get it," another wrote.

Some members even reported purchasing avocados from Costco that never ripened at all.

"I had a bag for 2-3 weeks and they never ripened. Eventually just took them back, Still hard as rocks," a Redditor said.

The persistent issues with Costco's avocados have spurred many a shopper to stop buying them altogether. But for any fans who still want to purchase their avocados at the warehouse club moving forward, Redditors shared several helpful tips on how to avoid the common issues.

For one, they recommended only buying avocados grown in Mexico and California. This is because the quality issues are much more common in avocados grown in Chile and Peru, shoppers said.

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"The rule that I have followed with success is to buy ONLY avocados from Mexico and only when they are hard. I have had terrible experiences with avocados from Chile and Peru and just avoid them," a member commented.

They also recommended keeping the avocados in the fridge to extend their shelf life and prevent them from going to waste. 

"Store them in the fridge for up to a few weeks and ripen on the counter at your leisure," a Redditor suggested.

And if all else fails, Costco shoppers who continue to purchase the retailer's avocados can take advantage of the company's 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that members can return anything they aren't completely satisfied with, like spoiled fruits and veggies, for a full refund.

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