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7 Best Costco Deals To Round Out 2022

Check out our picks from the warehouse giant's advertised specials through Jan. 1.
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Now that the holiday gift-buying frenzy is finally over, we can all return to our regular shopping schedule. By that, I mean, spending more and more of our hard-earned dollars on groceries

It doesn't have to be every dollar, however. Good deals do exist in this world of ever-rising prices, and you can often find them at Costco.

While many of the warehouse club's recently advertised specials will expire by Christmas Day, there are still some good things listed at great prices through the end of the year. Check out our picks belowand act fast before your fellow winter prepper beats you to checkout.

Keep in mind: the prices you see here are online only. You can often save more by shopping in-person at the warehouse near you.

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Premium Dried Mango

paradise green premium dried mango

You know that New Year's resolution about eating healthier in 2023? Here's an easy way to get started. Sweet dried mango from Thailand is a nutritious snack that's high in calcium and Vitamin C. It's also delicious. Save two bucks on this 35.2-ounce bag, priced at $12.49 through Jan. 1.

Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwiches

jimmy dean croissant with sausage, egg, and cheese

Who wants cold cereal in winter when you can have a hot breakfast sandwich instead? These Jimmy Dean sausage, egg and cheese croissants go from your freezer into your microwave and are ready to eat in about three minutes. A box of 12 costs $12.99 through Jan. 1. That's $1.08 each. Try beating that price at your local deli or drive-thru!

SkinnyPop Popcorn Variety Pack

skinnypop variety snack pack

Stock the pantry with one of the healthiest and tastiest supermarket snacks around. This variety pack includes 12 individually sized bags of the Original SkinnyPop, one of the best low-calorie, low-sodium varieties on the market–plus, another dozen of each White Cheddar and Sweet & Salty Kettle flavors to boot. That's 36 bags of popcorn for just $13.99 through Jan. 1.

Peet's Coffee Nespresso Capsules

peet's coffee nespresso capsules

Save time and money by skipping the morning coffee run. You can brew great coffee at home for a fraction of the cost with this 80 pack of Peet's Coffee espresso pods. These recyclable capsules are compatible with any of Nespresso's original-line machines (the ones that fit the small, narrow pods). A single espresso could set you back $3 at your local coffee shop. These cost just 47 cents a pop. That's $37.99 in total through Jan. 31.

Stash Tea Variety Pack

stash tea variety pack

Beat the winter chill with enough hot tea to last all season long. This whopping 180-count Stash Tea variety pack includes everything from soothing, caffeine-free chamomile and peppermint herbal teas to high-octane English breakfast and Earl Grey black teas. Just $17.49 through Jan. 1.

Rastellis Cowboy Steaks

rastelli usda choice black angus beef cowboy steaks
Courtesy of Costco

The "cowboy" steak is a gorgeous cut of beef: essentially a ribeye attached to a big honking bone that you can grip like a handle. Talk about a showpiece entrée for your New Year's Eve feast, or a romantic dinner for two, or even a solo meal for the untamed cowboy in us all. These hefty, 18-ounce Black Angus steaks from Rastellis are shipped frozen, so you can keep some on hand for the long winter ahead. A whole nine-pound pack of eight steaks is marked down $50 to just $259.99 through Jan. 5.

Coravin Wine Preservation System

coravin pivot wine preservation system

So, you're not all-in on Dry January, but you're not looking to get soaking wet, either. If you like drinking wine, but maybe not the whole bottle at once, then this is the gadget for you: the Coravin is a revolutionary product that preserves any wine you have left in the bottle for up to four weeks after opening. Have a glass of your favorite Nebbiolo today, keep the rest for your Golden Globes-watching enjoyment later next month. Save $25 on the seven-piece kit, marked down to $94.99 through Jan. 1.

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