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25 Gifts for Foodies Under $25 That You've Still Got Time to Order

Top picks that will delight those in the know.
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Finding an affordable gift for that food-obsessed friend or family member can be daunting, especially this year. Food prices are insane right now! The same goes for many of the baking, cooking and grilling tools that aspiring gourmands adore.

Don't stress, however. We have scoured the internet for good deals and found some great things, things that will please even the most discerning foodie you know—yes, the one who hates the term "foodie"—all priced lower than a nice cookbook.

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The Bear Mug

yes chef mug

What better way to commemorate 2022 than a novelty mug featuring the culinary world's man of the year? We're talking, of course, about actor Jeremy Allen White's tortured sexpot cook from Hulu's hit series The Bear. Yes, chef!

$13.81 at Etsy
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Foodie Dice

foodie dice

Totally out of ideas about what to make for dinner tonight? Let's roll the dice! This cutesy set of nine cubes, labeled with various proteins, veggies, grains and cooking methods, will inspire new creativity in the kitchen—or, at least help to pass the time until the delivery guy arrives.

$24 at Amazon
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Cast Iron Fajita Set

bespoke post cast iron fajita plate set
Bespoke Post

There's nothing quite like a fresh plate of fajitas: the sizzling sounds, the mouth-watering aromas. Recreate the Tex-Mex restaurant experience at home with this pre-seasoned cast-iron plate, complete with wood tray and protective mitt. Careful, it's coming in hot!

$19 at Bespoke Post
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USB Grill Lighter & Bottle Opener

usb bbq grill lighter with bottle opener
Uncommon Goods

The perfect gift for that friend who haphazardly employs his butane lighter to crack open beer bottles. You know that guy. This electronic two-in-one device can fire up the grill and open beverages easily without jeopardizing personal safety. Win-win!

$25 at Uncommon Goods
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The Incredible Spoonula

get it right premium seamless spoonula

Tackle all kinds of kitchen tasks with this sleekly designed scraping and scooping marvel. Constructed of silicone with a fiberglass core, the part-spoon, part-spatula workhorse will not scratch cookware or melt in the pan. Simply put, it will not let you down, and it looks really great in red.

$12.95 at Amazon
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Salad Sling

uncommon goods salad sling
Uncommon Goods

Leafy greens are about the best thing you can eat, but all that washing and drying is a hassle. Traditional salad spinners work great but they're bulky and hard to clean. Save time and cabinet space with this fabric sling that absorbs the wetness from your lettuce while you swing it around the kitchen. Ole!

$20 at Uncommon Goods
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Pizza Party! Spice Blend

burlap & barrel pizza party! spice blend
Courtesy of Burlap & Barrel

Ideal for the pizza lover in your life who really won't eat anything else. This unique blend of tomato powder and spices from popular chefs Sohla and Ham El-Waylly can make everything taste like pizza: eggs, pasta, popcorn. Just don't put it on pineapple, unless you're looking for an argument.

$11.99 at Burlap & Barrel
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Fresh Mexican Chapulines

yerbero chapulines toasted grasshoppers

If you think insects are the protein of the future, well, the people of Oaxaca would like a word. They've been eating chapulines forever! Not fancy protein bars packed with pulverized-bug powder. We're talking whole grasshoppers, toasted with lime, sea salt, and garlic. Healthy, tasty, and totally auténtico.

$16.99 at Amazon
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Kabob Grilling Baskets

uncommon foods kabob grilling baskets
Uncommon Goods

A big risk with skewering meats and veggies for grilling is the very real potential for casualties: precious chunks of delicious food lost to the flames. These smartly designed steel baskets will help to keep dinner intact and make flipping a breeze.

$20 at Uncommon Goods
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Avocado Keeper

prepworks by progressive avocado keeper

Nobody likes avocado toast when the fruit is as brown as the bread. Keep those unused avocado halves fresh for days with this handy air-tight container.

$13.95 at Amazon
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Pour Over Coffee Maker

bodum pour over coffee maker

Purists will tell you this is the best way to prepare your morning cup of joe—and it's a heck of lot more affordable than some highfalutin espresso machine.

$19.79 at Amazon
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Spanish Paella Pan

sur la table spanish paella pan
Sur La Table

The only way to achieve a perfect paella with that sought-after caramelized crust is to use a real paella pan, like this wide, short-sided carbon steel beauty. Now get stirring. And keep stirring.

$19.95 at Sur La Table
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Battery Powered Pan Stirrer

uncommon goods automatic pan stirrer with timer
Uncommon Goods

Did we say keep stirring? Nevermind. This handy yet hands-free device will do all the work for you. Just set the timer and carry on with your life.

$25 at Uncommon Goods
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Chill Beer Flannel

chill beer flannels
Uncommon Goods

The biggest beer aficionado you know will surely appreciate this fuzzy plaid koozie. Because you know that person has a shirt just like it.

$18 at Uncommon Goods
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Root Beer Chemistry Kit

root beer science kit
Uncommon Goods

Your home brewer friend will need something to do during Dry January. This kit includes all the sassafras extract and other ingredients necessary to make delicious homemade root beer.

$18 at Uncommon Goods
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Pancake Batter Mixer

whiskware pancack batter dispenser and mixer with blenderball wire whisk

Keep the mixing bowl in the cabinet and whip up the smoothest pancake batter in seconds with this easy-to-pour, easy-to-clean shaker and dispenser. Apologies to Lionel Richie, but Sunday morning has never been easier.

$14.99 at Amazon
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Silicone Pastry Mat

five two good measure pastry mat
Courtesy of Food52

Keep countertops pristine with this protective work surface, helpfully detailed with diameter guides and conversion charts: a baker's dream come true.

$20 at Food52
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Electric Ice Cream Maker

dash my pint electric ice cream maker

For the price of about four supermarket pints, you can create endless amounts of homemade ice cream with this compact machine, capable of churning out a batch of frozen dessert in just 30 minutes.

$19.99 at Amazon
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Pugnacious Hot Sauce

poirier's louisiana style hot sauce duo pack

There is no shortage of options when it comes to hot sauce these days. Almost too many to choose from. This combo pack is a good way to hedge your bet, offering samples from both sides of the spicy spectrum: one mild, one palate-melting hot, both endorsed by UFC fighter Dustin Poirier, so you know they pack a punch.

$24 at Heatonist
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Mason Jar Herb Garden

mason jar indoor herb garden
Uncommon Foods

Have fresh herbs on hand year-round with this easy-to-manage hydroponics system using attractive vintage glassware. Very on trend.

$24 at Uncommon Goods
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Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

williams sonoma wine pairing chocolate bars
Williams Sonoma

Take all the guesswork out of your next wine party. This collection of fine chocolates has all the pairings picked out: milk chocolates for light whites, dark chocolates for big reds.

$22.95 at Williams-Sonoma
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Authentic Copper Mug

authentic hammered copper mug
Williams Sonoma

Derby day is months away, but that's no reason to pass up this classic piece of barware. A more versatile vessel than you probably think, the copper mug will keep any iced cocktail well-chilled. Not just your Mint Julep.

$20.95 at Williams-Sonoma
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Mini waffle maker

dash mini waffle maker
Sur La Table

Maybe you know someone who loves waffles, but doesn't love all those carbs. Here's the solution: this cute, compact waffle maker creates four-inch rounds that will satisfy, without all the extra heft. Bonus: it's even small enough to fit in a stocking.

$12.96 at Sur La Table
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GrillClaws Shredder:

grillight grillclaws shredder
Williams Sonoma

Shredding meat with a fork is a total slog. These sharp, specially designed tools promise to make it easy, so you can quickly move on to the fun part of the barbecue: eating.

$12.95 at Williams-Sonoma
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Salsa Grow Kit

salsa grow kit
Uncommon Goods

Anyone can grab a jar of salsa from the shelf. Not everyone has the patience to grow the tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, and other ingredients, and whip up their own batch from scratch. This kit includes everything to get started: seeds, soil, and a recycled egg carton to incubate all the seedlings. Everything but the chips. Which you will also need. Eventually.

$12 at Uncommon Goods
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