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Costco Just Launched Two New Bakery Items For Spring

The warehouse club continues to excite shoppers with sweet tooths.

Just a few weeks after Costco unveiled its new Lemon Blueberry Loaf, the warehouse club is back at it again with the debut of two more bakery items. This past weekend, Instagram's @costcohotfinds spotted two new desserts at the retailer's bakery—and shoppers are excited.

The first new treat to hit Costco is a 24-count box of Confetti Cookies. Available for $9.99, these baked goods are "soft, buttery, and filled with sprinkles and white chocolate chips," the Instagrammer noted.

Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over a Brand-New Bakery Item

Among the nearly 240 comments, Costco customers raved about the new cookies, with a couple of them sharing that they "can't stop eating them." The warehouse cookies also drew comparisons to the popular Confetti Cookies by renowned New York City bakery chain Milk Bar. A fan on Reddit, meanwhile, noted that they "taste just like birthday cake batter."

While Costco hasn't revealed how long the Confetti Cookies will be in warehouses, one Reddit user, who called the new baked goods "incredible," wrote that their store "said they would only be around for a month or so." The user did not disclose their store's location.

The second new dessert to arrive at Costco is the Four Berry Pie, which features blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries. Weighing in at almost five pounds, the pie is being sold for $18.99. Multiple commenters on Instagram expressed their desire to try the pie. "It's AMAZING!!!! WORTH IT!!!" wrote one taster.

Another shopper, who picked up the pie in New Jersey, followed up with a review: "Update: it was excellent (especially with vanilla ice cream). Complete hit in my house. Only negative is that the filling has no body, so it was pretty messy. But messy doesn't change the taste, so it's all good."

Although some customers expressed their surprise at the price of the pie, others justified the cost by highlighting the dessert's massive size and drawing attention to the cost of berries. Like the Confetti Cookies, it's unclear how long this pie will be at Costco.

The Four Berry Pie isn't Costco's only new pie addition to stir up excitement from customers. In March, @costcohotfinds announced the arrival of Costco's Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, calling it "dangerously delicious." The TikTok announcement currently has 3.9 million views and 2,454 comments.

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