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Costco Shoppers Are Reporting a Major Shortage of a Popular Dessert

Some Costco members haven't been able to join in on the peanut butter chocolate pie craze.

If you're even somewhat familiar with the vibrant world of Costco, you've probably heard of the retailer's new peanut butter chocolate pie, which became an overnight sensation.

Shoppers first spotted the massive, decadent pie around mid-March, and it quickly went viral as customers couldn't help but give in to the temptation. Copycat recipes have already started to emerge on the internet, and those who manage to get their hands on the actual pie have raved about the buzzworthy dessert.

The downside to massive popularity is that items with a lot of fanfare tend to sell out quickly, so it should come as no surprise that members have been reporting issues with finding these pies lately.

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One customer recently revealed that their local Costco locations in the Pacific Northwest aren't even making the dessert anymore. "Been trying to get one the past few weeks, always sold out. Made a call today and both of them told me they wouldn't be producing any more pies. Just venting cause I didn't get to try it," the customer shared on Reddit.

Another customer replied that they live in the Pacific Northwest as well, and they'd never even seen one of the pies. "I'm telling myself it's for the best as my favorite candy are Reese's," the customer added.

Parts of New England may also be missing out on the popular dessert. A customer in Vermont said they hadn't spotted any pies since the product launched, adding, "my sadness is deep."

Costco chocolate peanut butter pies
Photo: Chris Shott, Eat This, Not That!

Several Reddit users–who indicated that they work for Costco–said that the company is having trouble acquiring the ingredients they need to make the pies, leading to shortages in warehouses. One also claimed that the company even delayed the start date for the pies by two weeks so they could catch up on sourcing ingredients.

"When we finally did roll it out, we had enough ingredients to make a few hundred pies maybe, and then [we] were out of either one ingredient or another again," the user said. "We've been waiting to get a re-supply of ingredients so we can make more for Easter weekend, but so far aren't showing any deliveries for the items we need."

The self-described Costco worker added that the peanut butter chocolate pies were meant to be a temporary offering from the start, and they're supposed to leave the bakery rotation after Easter regardless. If this is true, any lucky customers who can find the sweet confections should savor them while they can.

Costco was contacted to confirm that ingredient issues are causing the reported shortages but did not immediately respond.

Despite the reported scarcity, some lucky Costco shoppers may still be able to score one of the sought-after pies. An editor from Eat This, Not That! spotted six of them at the warehouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., this morning.

While they may end up being a consolation prize to those who missed out on the peanut butter chocolate pies, several other Costco bakery items have proven especially popular among members lately. Customers have been raving about the Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread that recently returned to warehouses, as well as the flaky, sugar-dusted almond danishes.

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