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Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over a Brand-New Bakery Item

This is the latest Costco dessert to capture the attention of shoppers.

For any Costco shoppers with a major sweet tooth, seeking out whatever new bakery items the warehouse club cooks up may be one of the biggest thrills of paying for a membership. The warehouse club always keeps customers on their toes with a rotating lineup of interesting and often mouthwatering bakery treats.

Iced cinnamon pull-apart rolls and gargantuan peanut butter chocolate pies have dominated discussions related to the Costco bakery in the last couple of months. Now, the retailer has launched a brand-new bakery item that features citrusy, fruity flavors, perfect for spring: a Lemon Blueberry Loaf cake.

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The new product has already piqued the interest of shoppers, many of whom have been raving about the cake on Reddit. One shopper described it as "absolutely amazing all around, not too sweet but just perfect."

New lemon blueberry loaf is fire
by u/star_traveler_ in Costco

"We loved this. We found the lemon flavor to be spot on. Really good," another said.

One Costco member who hadn't tried the baked good yet even vowed not to go looking for the cake in the hopes of protecting their diet.

The cake is speckled with blueberries, topped with crumble, and drizzled with a white glaze. One of the Costco shoppers who posted about the cake on Reddit said that it cost $8.99 at a warehouse in ​​Albuquerque, N.M., though prices and availability may vary depending on the location.

Even the most popular products have their critics, and not all members who tried the loaf agreed that it was flawless. Some of the shoppers said they wanted a stronger lemon flavor, and others were concerned about the lengthy ingredient list.

But the segment of shoppers who praised the item said it hit all the right notes in terms of flavor, texture, and execution.

"It's delicious, very moist, nice zing of lemon and the blueberries seem fresh," wrote one shopper, who added that they planned to buy the cake again. 

Several non-bakery items at Costco have also recently gotten some major hype from customers. These include sweet and salty dark chocolate caramels that members described as "dangerous," and frozen brown sugar boba bars that fans said are "too good."

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