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The 7 Best Costco Deals You Can Score Over Presidents' Day Weekend

Big discounts on meat and seafood are available online from the warehouse club.

Over a century ago, when Abraham Lincoln first established the federal holiday now known as President's Day, he probably never dreamed of the future impact on U.S. retail.

Scholars say Honest Abe was a pretty frugal guy, however. So, if he were still around today, he just might appreciate all the sales going down this weekend—heck, he might even be a Costco member! (Most likely, a Gold Star member, but that's beside the point.)

Modern-day Americans can nonetheless take advantage over the next few days, as the nation's largest warehouse club is advertising big savings on household goods like mattresses and major appliances. It's also offering some significant discounts on groceries, too.

Check out some of Costco's most tantalizing food and drink deals going on right now. Keep in mind: the prices you see here are online only. You can usually save more by shopping in-person at the warehouse near you.

These Are the Absolute Best Times To Shop at Costco

San Francisco French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Courtesy of Costco

Kickstart your morning routine for weeks to come by stocking up on this best-selling classic French-style roast. At $10 off, Costco's two-pack deal will get you a full six pounds of freshly sealed whole bean coffee for just $34.99, which works out to $5.83 per pound—that's less than a single 16-ounce Starbucks latte! Valid through Feb. 26 while supplies last.

Smoked New Zealand King Salmon

Courtesy of Costco

Top off your daily bagel with top-notch smoked New Zealand king salmon, rated a "Best Choice" by the venerable Seafood Watch. Costco is offering two 1.1-pound packs of the pre-sliced fish filets for $20 off at $89.99 online through Feb. 20.

Kurobuta Applewood Smoked Bacon

Kurobuta Applewood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon
Courtesy of Costco

There's nothing quite like the smell of bacon frying up in the morning—even better when we're talking about thick-cut strips of the famed Berkshire pork. Costco has cut $30 off its three-pound pack of this succulent Applewood-smoked bacon, now priced at $69.99 through Feb. 19. 

Godiva Dark Chocolate Ganache Hearts

Courtesy of Godiva

One of the perks of post-Valentine's Day shopping is great deals on heart-shaped treats, like these individually wrapped dark chocolates filled with decadent ganache from Belgian confectioner Godiva. Costco is taking $12 off the price of its four-package bundle of chocolates, now priced at $37.99 through Feb. 26.

Chicago Steak Premium Angus Beef Butcher Assortment

Courtesy of Costco

Got a spare freezer in the garage? Fill it up with eight pounds of high-quality Angus beef products. This butcher's assortment from the Chicago Meat Company includes filets, boneless strips, top sirloins, ribeyes, burger patties, and steak seasoning to boot. The whole package is marked down $50 to $169.99 online, now through Feb. 20.

Coastal Seafood Frozen Lobster Tails


Courtesy of Costco

Break out the butter and lobster crackers! Costco is running a special on wild-caught lobster tails, sustainably sourced off the coast of Maine and Canada. The package of 12 tails is marked down $30 to $199.99 through Feb. 19.

Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon

Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon
Courtesy of Costco

Feeling extra fancy? Indulge in the world-renowned Japanese steak known as Wagyu, heralded by connoisseurs for its otherworldly flavors. Graded A5—the highest quality attainable—Costco's eight-pack of six-ounce filet mignons is now $150 off, priced at $499.99 through Feb. 20.

Chris Shott
Chris Shott is the Deputy Editor covering restaurants and groceries for Eat This, Not That! Read more about Chris