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Costco Has a Bizarre New Food Court Hack That Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Some are calling it the "forbidden glitzy." Others call it "perverse."

Costco aficionados can be an inventive bunch. Not long ago, one warehouse club member-slash-innovator decided to combine two of Costco's most popular food court items: wrapping the forever-affordable hot dog in a mass of cheese pulled from a slice of pizza—a dubious move that nonetheless became a social media phenomenon.

Now, there's a new food court mashup going viral. This time, the legendary Costco hot dog is paired with something else: the club's beloved chicken bake.

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According to a Reddit thread, the new gluttonous combo works like this: 1) buy one hot dog and one chicken bake, 2) remove the hot dog from its bun, 3) bite the ends off the chicken bake, 4) insert the hot dog into the baked good, and  5) "enjoy your monstrosity," as the user Siphen_Fraud put it.

Some are calling it the "forbidden glizzy." Others are calling it "perverse" and "an experience in hypertension."

"Some people will stick their hot dog in anything," one Redditor quipped.

For those adventurous enough to try it, please know the logistics can be an issue. For instance, biting both ends off the chicken bake is essential in order to properly insert the hot dog, according to Redditor WhooshThrottle: "I tried and tried to cram that dog in there with only one end open but it wasn't happening. After a few awkward looks from fellow food courters and a comment from the wife about how funny I looked I figured I had to give in and bite off the other end. Once the second end is removed it goes in pretty firmly."

Of course, that same open-endedness also makes the zany foodstuff quite messy, as the creamy filling drips seeps out the bottom as you eat. "As soon as I read that instruction, I thought 'oh it's gonna squirt!'" one commenter aptly noted.

With warehouse club culture now embracing two viral Costco hot dog mashups, it makes you wonder what bizarre creation the food court fans will think up next.

One Redditor proposed the outrageous idea of combining both mashups into one: "Wrap a slice of cheese pizza around that bad Larry and you've got yourself a meal."

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