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The #1 Worst Order at Costco's Food Court

Though this meat-lovers dream come true is going viral, it might be one of the last things that your heart needs.

Yes, the Costco food court is back in full swing. And some members are celebrating its grand return by lining up to order one very specific concoction that borders between indulgent and downright reckless. Even though this meat-lovers dream come true is going viral, it might be one of the last things that your heart needs.

Part of Costco's power is the sense of community membership provides, and social media lends itself seamlessly to that. Reddit's Costco community loves to share their latest finds both on the aisles of the warehouse and the menu at the food court. (This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says)

And the latest Costco food court discovery is one that has its eponymous subreddit talking. Here's how it works: Members order a Costco hot dog and a slice of pizza. Then, they peel away the pizza's melted cheese and wrap it all the way around the hot dog.

If you've ever tried a hot dog wrapped inside a Pillsbury croissant roll (and possibly even slathered with cheese), this falls along the same lines. Who thought of this thing, and how exactly do you eat it? With a fork? Hands-only?

Questions aside, let's talk about nutrition. Even if you opt to go the plain route, one slice of Costco cheese pizza packs 26 grams of fat (40% of the recommended daily value) and around 1,500 milligrams of sodium (more than 50% of the recommended daily value). Here's where to find those Costco food court nutrition facts.

Heck no you don't want to feel hungry when you shop for groceries, but there are much healthier choices you can make at Costco's food court. For more, read up on our latest list of the 5 Healthy Costco Food Court Orders, According to Registered Dietitians. Also don't forget to check out:

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