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Costco's Popular Sandwich and Salad Lunch Kit Is Back!

Only one thing has changed: the price.

Do you want a good lunch? Do you love inexpensive food? Do you want something healthy, delicious, quick and easy? We hope you're sitting down, because Costco has finally answered your hopes and dreams.

According to Instagram's @costcohotfinds, the warehouse club just brought back its popular lunch kit: a roasted chicken croissant served with lettuce and tomatoes, along with a side of Caesar salad, tons of croutons and two little containers of dressing.

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Of course, the price has changed. Yes, inflation has hit the meal kit, too. It's now about $10, up $3 since we last saw it.

Thankfully, the portion is just as gigantic as before. The kit can serve one or two people, and it may be eaten hot or cold, right out of the container.

"Had this one, and it was good," one person commented on Instagram. "However, there is way too much chicken in the sandwiches. So I bought more croissants and made more sandwiches with the extra chicken because it was just too much for one sandwich."

Honestly, that's a complaint we'd take any day. 

Last seen in the spring (and on and off since at least 2015), this ready-to-eat meal kit has lots of loyal customers cheering at its return, describing it as the  "holy grail of sandwiches," according to Mashed.

Some people even have their own instructions for how to eat this perfect specimen.

One recommended popping it in the air fryer for 10 minutes at 300 degrees. Another said that five minutes at 350 degrees is ideal.

Beware, though: Costco has been known to give and then take away. So we recommend getting into your nearest Costco stat to grab this before it's gone . . . again.

If you miss your chance, we recommend that you snag the Chicken Street Tacos, which one Costco member says are totally "legit." We can't say we disagree.

Danielle Braff
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