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Costco Is Rolling Out New & Improved Shopping Carts: 'They Ride Like a Dream'

Have you spotted these at your store yet?

Costco shoppers have noticed that the big box chain is rolling out upgrades on its signature shopping carts.

A Redditor recently posted that the new carts, as seen at a Costco in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., "ride like a dream." They look pretty typical—metal baskets with upper and lower compartments and a red plastic handle for pushing as well as a kids' seat with a seatbelt.

Shoppers from around the country soon chimed in, some saying they've had these carts at their stores for some time while others are anticipating them to appear at their locations soon.

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New carts! They ride like a dream.
byu/joeblow112233 inCostco

Not everyone sang praises for the change, however.

The new Costco shopping cart has a deeper basket to accommodate larger items and a higher volume of purchases, which can lead to more impulse shopping and make it more difficult to reach into the cart to rearrange items. The larger space for merchandise also comes at the expense of the kids' seat, which is higher up and more shallow, meaning it's harder for bigger kids to sit in and can be difficult for short or pregnant people to navigate.

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"The whole ergonomics of the new cart is horrible for shorter people," said one Redditor. "Whoever designed this has no idea how difficult it is for shorter/pregnant/disabled people to lift 25-30lbs toddlers into the seat. It's physically very demanding to push at this higher angle. And like you said, there are almost dead zones in the cart where putting things in that spot makes it awkward to lift back out."

One other issue? The shopping cart doesn't have cup holders, a desired feature by many shoppers who hit the food court to kick off their Costco run.

Leaving the store may also be challenging, and not just because your new dreamy cart is so full. It's more of a physics problem. "These carts have a more rearward CG that makes riding them in the parking lot near impossible," one person posted, referring to the center of gravity for the new cart.

Of course, Costco shoppers have a hack for that, if you'd rather ride your cart than walk: Put the heaviest items in the front of the cart to balance it out.

Looking for a new ride outside the shop? Costco just started selling golf carts, @CostcoHotFinds reported on Instagram. And the vehicles look pretty snazzy.

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