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Costco Shoppers Raving About "Delicious" Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

Some fans said they're the best store-bought mozzarella sticks ever.

The next time you're craving top-notch mozzarella sticks, you should head to the nearest Costco instead of a restaurant. Customers are touting a "delicious" frozen mozzarella sticks brand sold at the warehouse as the absolute best you can buy at any grocery store.

These beloved mozzarella sticks come from the Petite Cuisine brand. Per the description on the box, the "100% real mozzarella sticks" are covered in a crispy seasoned breading and come frozen. 

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When a Costco shopper recently took to Reddit to ask fellow members for their thoughts on the Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks, many fans flocked to the comments section to rave about the item. 

"I've had to ban myself because I'm liable to eat 30 at a time," one Redditor commented.

"I think they are the best store-bought mozz sticks I have found anywhere," another wrote.

While the box offers several different cooking methods for the mozzarella sticks, fans swear that the absolute best way to prepare these is by popping them in the air fryer. The box instructs those who opt for the air fryer method to cook eight sticks at 375 degrees for four minutes. However, some customers said you can get an even better end-product by increasing the temperature, cooking time, or both.

"​​375 for 8-9 minutes for 8 sticks. Comes out perfect every time," a customer noted.

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Once they're hot and ready, customers also swear that they're even more delicious with a side of classic marinara.

A five-pound box of these mozzarella sticks costs $18.36 near me in New Jersey, but prices and availability may vary by location. Interested shoppers should check with their local Costco to confirm prices and whether or not they're in stock.

The Petite Cuisine sticks aren't the only Costco product that has been garnering stellar reviews recently. Shoppers have also been raving about the Ajinomoto Yakisoba, Japanese-style stir-fried noodles that come with vegetables and a savory sauce.

The brand-new strawberry ice cream in Costco's food court is another item that has been inspiring major fanfare. Some fans have even called it the "best ice cream ever."

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