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Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough of These 'Amazing' Burgers: 'Surprisingly Delicious'

One fan even declared these popular burgers their 'favorite Costco buy.'
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From Alaskan salmon burgers to grass-fed beef patties, Costco's shelves are packed with a myriad of great options for every burger-craving customer. However, shoppers have recently taken a shine to a special burger variety sold at the retailer because of its "clean ingredients" and "surprisingly delicious" flavor.

This popular product is the Caramelized Onion & Aged White Cheddar Chicken Burgers (170 calories) from the Amylu brand, which sells a variety of chicken items at retailers such as Whole Foods, Sam's Club, Sprouts Farmers Market, and of course, Costco. While the fully-cooked burgers have been available at Costco for years, they were recently thrust into the spotlight when a shopper took to Reddit to ask fellow members for their thoughts on the product. Fans were quick to respond with rave reviews for the burgers.

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"These are by far the best ones out there. Had them yesterday at our family cookout and everyone loved them. We pick up 3-4 [boxes] each time they go on sale," one shopper wrote under the post, which has racked up nearly 140 comments.

"Absolutely amazing," another commented.

box of Amylu Caramelized Onion & Aged White Cheddar Chicken Burgers

Though the flavor is evidently a major factor in why Costco shoppers adore these burgers so much, fans also seem to love their versatility. Redditors mentioned that they'll turn them into sandwiches, crumble them on top of salads, or even stuff them into homemade wraps.

Members also appreciate the way that Amylu crafts its burger patties. The chicken used to make the burgers, for example, is raised without antibiotics. They're also organic, gluten-free, boast a relatively short ingredient list, and free of added nitrates and nitrites, which are commonly used as preservatives in meat.

"They are the best. Ingredients are best in class," a Redditor said of the burgers.

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To be fair, not every Costco shopper thinks the Amylu chicken burgers are without their flaws. Some have complained that they're a touch too salty or that the texture leaves a little to be desired. But these purported issues still haven't put dampened the love that many shoppers have for this item.

"By far my favorite Costco buy," a Redditor raved.

For any members who've been considering grabbing a pack of Amylu chicken burgers, there's no better time to take the leap than right now. Costco is selling eight-packs with a $4 discount through June 9. The burgers should cost Costco members $10.99 after the markdown.

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