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5 Costco Food Court Hacks You Have To Try At Least Once

They’re crazy enough to work. And work really well.

What first comes to mind when you think of Costco? Huge cases of water? Boxes of pasta noodles? Gallon-sized jugs of liquor? Paper towel rolls that go on for days? Or is it… the hot dog? Or maybe fresh pizza?

According to Mental Floss, Costco sells more than 100 million hot dogs every year, which is more than every single Major League Baseball stadium combined. And per Cracked, Costco just barely misses out on being one of America's top 10 pizza sellers in terms of volume.

So sure, Costco is the place to go when you need to stock up on cleaning wipes and coffee and sheet cakes and such, but it's also a great place to eat thanks to the low prices and the surprisingly tasty foods for sale there. If you want to make the hot and ready eats at Costco even better, then try one of these five Costco food hacks we found thanks to some mad geniuses of the interweb.

Costco's Hot Dog Is Under Scrutiny, Courtesy of Sam's Club

Pizza-wrapped hot dog

Pizza is delicious. Hot dogs are delicious. So what do you get when you wrap a slice of Costco's pizza around a Costco hot dog? You get an entrée that costs less than $3.50 (that's with a drink, mind you) and that will thrill your palate, keep you full for hours, and that, yes, might make a cardiologist have a heart attack just seeing it. Heart health woes aside, this Costco food hack went perfectly viral on Reddit a couple years back.

Pizza-wrapped hot dog in a bun

As if wrapping a salty, savory hot dog in a cheesy, saucy slice of pizza wasn't enough already, right? Well, for some people… it wasn't. Why discard that soft, bready bun and eat the pizza wrapped hot dog as is? In this meal-in-your-hand Costco hack, you nestle the wrapped dog back down into the bun (which will be essentially butterflied wide open) and then you work this beautiful mass of food into your mouth.

Hot dog stuffed into chicken bake

First, a quick point of reference: the word "glizzy" is used as slang for hot dog in some places. The Forbidden Glizzy, meanwhile, is what some are calling a Costco hot dog inserted into the store's Chicken Bake. Why is it forbidden? Ask your cardiologist. To make one, just slice (or bite) both ends of the Chicken Bake off, then slip the dog on through that chicken, cheese, bacon, and sauce.

Churro stuffed into chicken bake

The Costco Churro Chicken Bake hack has some fans but many more detractors. This foodstuff consists of a sweet fried churro slid into a Chicken Bake much like the hot dog was before it. A pair of bold food testers who post on Instagram under @YuckingItUp tried the hack, and one called it "vile" and said he was "not going to swallow that." Is it worth you trying it? Sure, at least once.

Pizza-wrapped hot dog stuffed into a chicken bake

The subject line of the Reddit post that shared this uber hack started with the words "raising the ante." And that's a fair statement here. This hack involves wrapping inserting a Costco hot dog into a Costco Chicken Bake, as above, and then wrapping that pairing in a slice of Costco pizza. It's an intense enough foodstuff that one person replied to the original poster asking: "What trauma happened to you guys when you were little?" Another did the math and concluded that this hack amounts to consuming around 1,640 calories.

Steven John
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