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Costco Shoppers Raving Over New 'Genius' Wine-Bottle Hack

The perfect trick for people who like to stock up on Costco's reasonably priced selection.

Costco members aren't your average consumers. They don't just shop at Costco, but frequently go the extra mile by thinking up ways to elevate their favorite items or make the shopping experience as smooth sailing as possible. Now, the latest Costco shopping hack to take social media by storm is being lauded as a "genius" trick for anyone who likes to stock up on wine.

In a viral TikTok video posted by @dailyoriginalvids last week, a Costco shopper demonstrated a helpful trick for loading wine bottles into shopping carts. The shopper simply laid down each bottle on its side on the top level of the cart where children are meant to sit. To prevent them from moving around too much and potentially shattering, the shopper stuck the neck of each wine bottle through the rungs of the cart to secure them in place.

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"A Costco employee showed me this," text overlaid on the video read.

That video has now racked up a whopping 4.3 million views on TikTok and more than 45,000 likes. Many shoppers were absolutely blown away by the simple yet effective method for preventing unwanted wine messes.

"Now that's genius!" one TikToker commented on the video.

"I saw this on TikTok. This is absolutely amazing and genius. I can't stop watching the video," wrote another Costco fan who reposted the video on Reddit.

Some commenters even offered up another suggestion that could make this Costco hack extra convenient. 

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"Rotate all your wine bottles so the barcodes are up when you get to checkout so they can quickly hand scan them without picking them up," a Redditor wrote.

Of course, not every Costco fan agreed that the trick deserved to be labeled as "genius." Some said that they've never had any issues with breaking wine bottles or pointed out that Costco will sometimes have boxes sitting around that members can use to transport alcohol. Others noted that it's not really an option for people who take their children to Costco and sit them inside the shopping cart.

Still, the shopping cart trick could be very useful for people who aren't able to find boxes or want to make their checkout process as speedy as possible.

"If that ain't a PSA, I don't know what is" a Costco fan commented on the TikTok post.

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