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Costco Shoppers Just Revealed a Little-Known Secret to Get In-Demand Items

The retailer will accept customer requests and suggestions when it comes to inventory.

Costco is best known for offering bulk groceries–and lots of them. Shoppers that hold the coveted Costco membership card not only have the opportunity to purchase grocery staples like fresh produce and meat, but also more offbeat items—like 72-pound wheels of imported Parmigiano Reggiano, saunas, and burial caskets—at a fair price.

But in those rare instances where customers can't find what they want or need at Costco, they don't necessarily need to take their search to another grocery store. In fact, there is a little-known perk that members can use to potentially get those items stocked in their local warehouse. The retailer accepts requests and feedback when it comes to its grocery lineup, and customers say that taking advantage of this option actually works.

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In a recent Reddit post, a customer revealed that they made a request through the Costco app for a product they couldn't find at their local store, and Costco obliged. Their warehouse started carrying the requested Kirkland frozen burgers within a week.

The post has since received nearly 140 comments from fellow shoppers, many of whom were delightedly baffled that Costco not only takes requests, but also came through on one so quickly.

"Whaaaat!! We can ask our Costco to get us products!!!! This company never ceases to amaze me!" one wrote.

"But why is this making me emotional? Lol this is so nice. Actual customer service!" another said.

The success that the original poster had in getting the frozen Kirkland burgers stocked inspired many others to submit their own requests for in-demand items, like frozen chicken burgers, plantain chips, and deli salads.

"This is very encouraging. Just submitted a request!" one member wrote.

Of course, it's not guaranteed that Costco will be able to fulfill each and every request. Some shoppers also mentioned that even if a Costco location decides to stock a requested product, they may pull it from shelves if it doesn't sell well. 

But taking the experience of the original poster into account, asking is at the very least worth a try. For some members, the fact that Costco accepts requests and will try to fulfill them when possible underscored why they grew to love the retailer in the first place.

"That's awesome that they actually listen to what people want," a shopper commented.

Anyone looking to request a product should visit the Costco app or website, which has the option to submit feedback for specific warehouses.

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