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Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over a Popular Appetizer: 'So Freaking Delicious'

A simple classic has won customers' hearts at the warehouse club.
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Costco has long been celebrated for its assortment of pre-made dishes that require little to no effort. Among the options are both oven-ready meals and ready-to-eat foods, many of which have sparked conversation from customers on social media—like the shrimp cocktail.

This week, one Costco member shared an appreciation post for the warehouse club's shrimp cocktail on Reddit. "I know we all have our Costco favorites, but I am completely obsessed with the cocktail shrimp. The shrimp are juicy and delicious—substantially more so than other cocktail shrimp I've had from elsewhere, even the fancy places!" the Reddit user wrote, calling the product "so freaking delicious."

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Costco's shrimp cocktail tray comes complete with lemon wedges and a cup of cocktail sauce. The ready-to-eat appetizer is typically packaged in 1.5- to 1.75-pound containers and retails for $8.99 per pound, according to Costco blogger CostContessa. However, prices can vary by location. The warehouse club is also known to sell larger shrimp cocktail platters, as well.

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In the recent Reddit thread, numerous shoppers shared their own glowing reviews of the popular seafood product.

"As a new member, my [girlfriend] and I have decided this is our 'every Costco trip' treat. It's one of our favorite snacks and it is GREAT quality," one user wrote.

"Their cocktail shrimp to me is what the rotisserie chicken is to most other people: can't leave the store with[out] one!" another one added.

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Within the positive commentary, some Redditors highlighted their love of the appetizer's cocktail sauce, with a few noting their desire to purchase it separately. Meanwhile, others recommended whipping up homemade cocktail sauce. Common ingredients found in this sweet and spicy condiment include ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and hot sauce.

Shrimp cocktail isn't the only appetizer Costco shoppers have recently praised on Reddit. Last month, the Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu generated buzz on the online platform, too. Packaged in 3-pound bags, these fully-cooked mandu, which are Korean dumplings, are filled with Korean-style bulgogi beef. While the bag recommends pan-frying the dumplings until golden brown, multiple Costco shoppers suggested popping them into the air fryer instead.

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