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Costco Shoppers Are Warning Others To Stay Away From One Party Snack: 'Don't Serve This'

A beloved food combination isn't so popular among customers.

If you aren't sure what to bring to your office holiday party or Christmas dinner, Costco is home to so many rave-worthy options. That being said, there are some foods with less-than-stellar customer reviews.

One recent product garnering notable criticism from Costco members is the ready-to-heat Tipiak Pull Apart Cheese Bread. As indicated on the packaging, this item is a product of France that's stuffed with cheeses, garlic, and herbs. Although bread and cheese is typically a crowd-pleasing pairing, this particular item is proving to fall short of delicious for many.

After a Reddit user shared plans to serve this cheese bread at an upcoming party, calling on people to vouch for the item, many advised the exact opposite. The thread has since racked up nearly 290 comments, with the product's complaints outnumbering its praises.

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Topical pull apart cheese bread. Want to try serving at a party next week. Can about vouch for it?
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"NO. It was so sad!!! We were so excited for it but it had so little cheese. Buy a loaf of sourdough and make it yourself," one Reddit user wrote. "Don't serve this," another one added.

A repeated complaint about this bread was its lack of flavor, which multiple Reddit users described as "bland." While some called it "dry" or "greasy," others noted that that the bread didn't cook correctly.

"You don't even need to prepare melted cheese, make some butter with some garlic and diced parsley in it, brush it on the bread/inside the cuts, then get some nice cheddar cheese, and sprinkle in between the slices, wrap the bread and foil and bake," one person suggested.

"You're better off wrapping some Brie in crescent roll dough and baking it," another one said.

Within the thread's comments, a few Reddit users also recommended using Costco's take-and-bake sourdough bread loaves, with one person noting these "keep for so long!"

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This isn't the first time Tipiak's Pull Apart Cheese Bread has prompted negative reviews from customers. Last year, Costco fan account @costcobuys posted about the item on Instagram, calling it "delicious," only for shopper complaints to fill the post's comments section.

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