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10 Stunning Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas Your Holiday Guests Will Love

'Tis the season for creativity with these beautiful Christmas charcuterie boards.

Holiday hosting can be a blast, but it can also be quite the added stressor if there's too much on your plate. Worrying about food, drinks, decor, a clean home, and making sure the family drama stays to a minimum can all be tedious to juggle, so of course you'd want to find ways to make all of this a bit easier. When it comes to making party food that will impress your guests, one way to avoid the long hours of cooking is to prepare a charcuterie board.

These boards full of meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and sweets are the perfect holiday party food item because they feed a bunch of people at once, and if you take a few extra minutes to put it together, your board can be a festive piece of decor on its own.

We went to Instagram to find some inspiration for making an amazing Christmas charcuterie board, and we discovered so many different creative ways of putting together a delicious board that will wow everyone at your holiday party. Read on, and for more help with your hosting endeavors, check out the 10 Best Holiday Wines Under $20, According to Sommeliers.

Berry and the Boards Christmas Tree Charcuterie

Using a spread of green grapes, kiwi, cheese triangles and cubes, berries, dried apricots, nuts, prosciutto folded into a flower shape, and an orange slice for the tree topper, you can put together a festive charcuterie tree that your guests will be in awe of.

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Christmas Charcuterie Wreath

A staple of Christmas decor, a wreath can make any space feel more festive. And while you can buy yourself a traditional holiday wreath to place on the door or your wall, why not impress your party guests with a charcuterie wreath?

This one by Honey Plate Co. is super simple to throw together. All you need is a circular serving board and brie cheese in the middle, and then you can fill in the "wreath" with your favorite cheeses, meats, fruit, and nuts. Add rosemary and pomegranate seeds around the cheese to make it even more Christmasy.

Christmas Tree with Salami Roses

There are many different ways you can make your charcuterie board into the shape of a Christmas tree, and this board from Boxed by Christine is another option. Layer with rows of meat roses, cheeses, grapes, cranberries, and nuts, and outline with some sprigs of rosemary to give it that pine-like look. They also specifically use a Christmas tree-shaped serving plate to enhance the shape even more.

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Holiday Charcuterie Board with Christmas Candy

While the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath is cute, you don't need it to have a Christmas charcuterie board. Making a regular board but piling it up with meat, cheeses, fruit, and holiday candies like candy canes, gingerbread men, and peppermint bark can turn any board into a Christmas masterpiece.

Take it up a notch by grabbing any type of cheese round and wrapping a few pieces of rosemary around it to make a mini wreath.

Layered Christmas Tree Charcuterie

Another creative way to make a holiday board is by using sprigs of rosemary to create Christmas tree layers. This gives the illusion of a pine tree and gives you plenty of creative freedom for what to put in between each layer.

User chose to use cubed cheese and meats, as well as things like olives, nuts, and a few pomegranate seeds scattered throughout to look like ornaments or tree lights.

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Santa Claus Charcuterie Board

We've seen plenty of charcuterie trees and wreaths, but this Santa Charcuterie Board stopped us in our tracks. User @jenbryantdesign uses brie cheese and thin salami slices to make Santa's face and hat and then fills in the rest of the board with an assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, jam, and peppermint pretzels. This concept is too joyful to pass up.

Christmas Tree Brie Board

Home Happy Heart took a regular circular serving plate and made this charcuterie board into a magical Christmas treat. In addition to cheeses like mozzarella and cranberry cheddar, they also added a brie round in the middle and cut a Christmas tree shape out of the middle. They then put pomegranate seeds in the center of the cutout. How cute!

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Dessert Charcuterie Board

Your charcuterie board doesn't have to be the traditional arrangement of meat and cheeses. Instead, your Christmas party board can be full of merry desserts like cookies, red and green candies, stroopwafels, and peppermint bark to give your guests a dessert plate they'll keep talking about. Serve with some hot chocolate and marshmallows for the ultimate December dessert.

The Christmas 'Brie' Board

The beautiful Christmas tree-shaped wooden board certainly makes this one stand out, but you can put together this charcuterie plate with a regular board as well. Preserved meats, sugared cranberries, nuts, cheeses, berries, and sugared rosemary all lined up into Christmas tree rows make for an impressive holiday appetizer.

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3D Charcuterie Christmas Tree

This one requires a bit more work than some of the others, but the results will impress your party guests. To make this 3D charcuterie tree, you'll need a foam cone, saran wrap, toothpicks, and then all of your cheeses, meat, and fruit you're going to add, and voilá! Watch your guests take pictures and talk about your impressive appetizer.

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