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The Secret Costco Perk You Never Knew About

Long-time members are likely unaware of this awesome service.

According to nutritionists, drinking lots of water can help strengthen your immune system, which may help protect you against COVID-19. But what's the best and most cost-effective way to keep your home constantly filled with spring-fresh or purified water?

Turns out, if you have a Costco membership, you can get shipments of water delivered to your door at a remarkably affordable price—a benefit of which even long-term members seem to be unaware.

If you're a card-carrying member of the discount big-box club (which runs about $60 per year at its most affordable option), you can schedule regular home deliveries of purified water for $7 per bottle, and spring water for $8 per bottle. The process of ordering is simple: According to their website, members can select either a three- or five-gallon bottle size, add on a specific dispenser (of which there are hot and cold water options), then select delivery options. (Additional charges may apply for some deliveries, the company notes.)

For households who are used to buying packs of individual, bottled waters from Costco, this can be a really cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative. It can also reduce your trips to the store… which is a win-win right now.

Seattle-area based Costco has developed a terrific reputation among its loyal members, largely because of the warehouse's affordable products (and delicious rotisserie chicken!). Many club member perks, like water delivery, however, often go overlooked. Take, for example, the Costco-branded gas stations that are located at many—if not all—warehouse locations, and often feature 20-cent per gallon discounts over traditional gas stations. (Related: 15 Costco Hacks That Take Full Advantage of Their Deals.)

During the earlier stages of the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores played an essential role for shoppers suddenly unable to eat out or even order in. Costco was among the first chains to institute a mandatory mask-wearing policy designed to keep shoppers and staff members safe, which is just one of the many reasons why Costco is so well-regarded among national grocery chains.

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